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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Happy Finds in Naga: Tsokolate at Panlegaspi

Any snack or meryenda the Filipino way is always a happy treat. But sometimes, since most of us are out of our homes seven days a week and you are at the city center where fastfood chains are all around you, it's quite difficult to look for Pinoy meryendas that are truly homemade-like. That's not actually a problem here in Naga so I'll take back that statement again. Lol 

Right at the heart of Naga is a small bakery with our all time favorites. Quality Bakery is well known for their Chiffon Cake and Marble Cake. They have good 'ol cookies (Lemon Cookies, Chocolate Cookies etc.) that also reminds me of my childhood especially when I bring them as "baon" for school. Their version of Panramona comes in small and big size that you can actually eat it on it's own without any spread or dressing. Sorry to borrow Gardenia's tagline. 

Quality is located along Elias Angeles Street just right across Plaza Quezon. Though small and simple, they also servce snacks and authentic pinoy goodies that keeps people coming and going.They also serve sandwiches, meals and noodle dishes.  

Have a Pinoy meryenda for only P33.00. Like what? Tsokolate and a doze of Pan Legaspi with cheese and butter.

The hot chocolate is not a premixed drink but the cooked cacao / tablea and it comes in small (P18) and regular (P27) cups. The pan legaspi with cheese on the other hand also comes in small (P15) and big (P30) size. I'm pretty sure that only a few of our young ones today here in Naga knows about this snack place. Well it's never too late to let them experience Naga's simple pleasures and treasures the old way. 

This is but a very simple homemade snack right at the bustling Central Business District I. Yet another happy find in Naga that you shouldn't miss!

Hot chocolate in regular sized cups.
Notice the cups? It will really give you a homey feeling with those classic cups. 

The small and big Pan Legazpi with Cheese. 

These are just few of the cookies and biscuits that Quality Bakery offers us.

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