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Friday, June 20, 2014

Where to eat in Daet?

The second sense to satisfy after sense of sight is the sense of taste. Restaurants and local delicacies are always a top list whenever visiting a new place. In our case, since it was a Date in Daet by solesearchingsoul.com, then it wasn't only a journey of "Food for the Soul" but also "Food for the Solemates".

Now where to eat in Daet? Here's a list of homegrown restaurants in Daet that you shouldn't miss to visit and dine. Daet has a lot to boast when it comes to restaurants across different types.

*Updated: October 17, 2017

1. K-Sarap - "Ang food na masarap". Just right across the street of SM Hypermarket is a Filipino restaurant called K-Sarap. It is located along Vinzons Avenue with a different restaurant experience that will surely cool you down even on a hot day. The have this unique sprinklers enough to freshen the atmosphere that sprays from time to time. They serve a variety of Filipino dishes and desserts that you really need to try which is the Sherbet, which is also my personal favorite. CLICK HERE for more photos.
K-Sarap Daet (in front of SM Hypermarket)

2. Kundalini Healthy Cuisine - This is a fun way of eating healthy food. Located at Daet-Mercedes Road is a fusion of Asian cuisines plus with healthy smoothies like the Super Fiber. The menu they have is but a reminder that we can live healthy but not compensating the good taste of the food. CLICK HERE for more photos and review. Must try: Super Fiber and Mango to the Next Level Smoothie and Jap Chae (I was told that Kundalini has closed its doors already :( )

3. Alvinos Roast, Grill & Fry - Open from 10 am to 10 pm, located at Yao Bldg. F. Pimentel Avenue, this restaurant has VERY wide variety of dishes to choose from. They have burger, pizza, shakes, chicken, stakes, salad, pasta, tacos, cakes, and a lot more. All time favorites are Binalot Kamayan, pizza, roasted chicken and burgers of your choice. I'm sure each and every customer have their own favorites in this restaurant. Price is very affordable and serving is also more than the usual. I still have a lot to more to try in this restaurant if given the time to go back in Daet. Don't forget to like them on FacebookCLICK HERE for more photos

4. Chef Mama - Also located at the SM Hypermarket Daet at the 2nd floor is another homegrown brand Chef Mama. Chef Mama is a sister store of a chain of bakeshop (Caramel Bakeshop) which is also now starting to extend it's wings in Bicol. Chef Mama's other branch is located at Pineapple Island Resort where we dined and was our last stop before we parted ways with fellow "solemates". I wish we had stayed longer at Chef Mama.They offer Bicolano dishes like Bicol Express, Laing, Pinangat and other Filipino specialties.  For more photos CLICK HERE. Don't forget to like them on Facebook.

This is the branch at Pineapple Island Resort. Perfect for family gatherings, office meetings and other functions. 

Photo by Chef Mama Facebook Page

5. Kick Milk Tea - looking for a refresher? Visit the first Milk Tea shop in Daet and enjoy their special blends of milk tea plus sandwiches and pastries. CLICK HERE for the review. 

6. Jannah's Pasalubong - This is definitely one of the pasalubong stores that I've been to that offers VERY affordable pasalubongs. Jannah's is located at Dolor Hotel Building, Vinzons' Avenue in Daet, their main branch is at Vinzons, Camarines Norte. One of the best sellers, Masa Podrida is only P15.00 per pack (smallest size). Another favorites are Pili Roll and Pandecillos. Pili nuts, pineapple wine, santan (coco jam) and other Bicol delicacies are also available at Jannah's. You can contact Jannah's at (054) 440 1544.

7. Cafe Morga - I believe this is one of Daet's first cafe. I'm not sure if the name has something to do with Antonio de Morga who is part of the very first Rizal Monument in the Philippines. They have nice frappes that are at par with the ones we have here in Naga. Pricing is fairly affordable too.

Bigg's Diner (CLOSED as of Sept 2015) - You can still enjoy Bigg's Diner's other branches in Bicol, the nearest one would be in Naga City. Bicol's largest food chain is always a must try for first timers in Bicolandia. Bigg's just recently opened their nth branch at the ground floor of the iconic SM Hypermarket Daet. Try the newest Bigg's Tower Burger and cooler drinks. Bigg serving, bigg taste! For more photos CLICK HERE and see how unique the interiors are from every Bigg's Diner branch.


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