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Monday, March 27, 2017

Sunflowers bloom in Naga's flower farms in Pacol

Naga City - Flower farms in Pacol is not a new sight in our city. It has been providing livelihood for our farmers in the upland and mid-upland barangays of Naga for quite some time. When Pacol was noted to be Naga's Little Baguio about three years ago based on a national newspaper, sunflowers were already part of the farm. Early this year, the hype for sunflowers grew online that many wanted to visit and thought that it's something new. Many wanted to have their photos taken with a backdrop of bed of flowers or sunflowers to be specific. Here in Bicol, Ligao, Albay has been known to have a sunflower farm already. At least now, Naga has a share of this industry after Ligao, Baguio and Pangasinan having the new sunflower maze. 

Last Saturday, finally I was able to drop by at the flower farm in Pacol together with my friend. In my mind, my only purpose was to go to Casa Ofelia to check on my students who were having their excursion. So the flower farm plus Haciendas de Naga (which I will still blog about next) was just a spur of the moment idea while driving back to centro. 

Location: Pacol KM 7. Tell the jeepney driver to drop you off at the Pacol II Pumping Station. Fronting the station, on the left, there's a small pathway (eskenita) going to the backyard / farm just a few meters away from the main highway.

Just a heads up, the flower farm is actually a PRIVATE PROPERTY, so please have the courtesy to ask for permission when you go there. There are NO ENTRANCE FEES but it would be nice if you will buy flowers from the farmers, it will be rude to disturb them just for the sake of photo opps. Let's help our upland farmers in their livelihood, shall we?

The sunflowers in Pacol are generally not that tall like the one's we see in Baguio or any other places. Earlier in February, when the mini sunflower farm became viral, I had to stick to my rule that I will never share it online not unless I have personally visited the place. Notice that the first batch of sunflowers (photo below) has obviously given so many happy sunny flowers to many that even to lower part of the plant is dark already. There are two new blocks of sunflowers waiting for it to finally produce flowers in a few weeks time. 

I also learned that it takes around 3 months for sunflowers to produce flowers. It takes a while but it surely is a happy sight. The farm was also devastated last December by Typhoon Nina, thankfully they are now back on track. Have a little conversation with the farmers while personally cutting the flowers you have chosen. It's really a very nice experience personally cutting the flowers from the plant itself.

  The flower farm in Pacol produces year round flowers in time for many occasions such as Undas, Valentine's Day and even Holy Week. When we went there, Malaysian mums and the golden yellow flowers were already in bloom. Check out the photos below. 

The sunflowers may not be that big, but it will give you the sunny happy feeling once you have them on your vase inside your homes or offices. Each sunflowers costs P20.00

I bought 5 sunflowers from Manay Adora and brought them home, you can also contact her for orders at 0909-988-5307

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  1. As of February 16, 2018..
    The contact number was correct and still functioning..
    She was also nice and very hospitable..
    Thanks Nagacitydeck!