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Friday, March 24, 2017

Bingsu, now available at White Bean Cafe

Naga City - Summer is here! Is someone still "Bingsu-cold" to you? I think it's about time that I share to you this new "foreign" dessert now available at White Bean Cafe called the Bingsu which I tried last February. Bingsu is a Korean dessert usually of shaved ice, milk, syrups, fruits, and other ingredients which is appetizing to look at and will give you the chills. For White Bean they preferred to market the Bingsu having the shaved ice as "snowflaked ice / snow ice", because their ice has this very fine texture, so yes it can be likened to snow.

When I first heard that White Bean is now offering this dessert, the first question that came to my mind is that how will it be at par with the "Kakigori" of Iro Iro. Again it's a foreign dessert only that this time the Kakigori is a Japanese version of the Bingsu. Actually if you are a foodie you can add up to the list, the shaved ice dessert version of Hawaii too or even the sherbet of Daet.  

The Bingsu offered by White Bean has a finer ice than that of the Kakigori of Iro Iro. Which reminds me, Korean Kaz Cafe in Ayala Malls Legazpi also offers Bingsu, so add that to your foodtrip list when you travel to Albay. 

White Bean offers three flavors of Bingsu namely mango, oreo, strawberry (new) and injeolmi which is the Korean word for soy for a price of P160. I tried the Injeolmi for a change. 

First impressions. Serving Size with the Price . I had high expectations on this dessert when I first heard about it. Probably if White Bean was the first one to offer the shaved ice dessert in Naga, I can say that the P160 is worth it. Since there's already one shaved ice dessert in the market, my tendency is to compare the Bingsu to the Kakigori of Iro Iro. Back in September 2016 the Kakigori of Iro Iro is priced at P130 and the serving size is actually good for sharing (click HERE for reference). While the Bingsu (as shown below) of White Bean, the serving size seemed a little small and I was able to consume it on my own. While it might not be right to compare the shaved ice of the two desserts, still they will boil down to the same category in my opinion, shaved ice dessert. While cashew nuts are expensive, then I can say that P160 is justifiable, but for the mango and cookie flavor, I think it's not worth it.

Taste . I liked the Injeolmi, since I'm a fan of the "not the usual" flavors, I loved how the flavors complemented with each other including the cashew nuts. I have high tolerance for sweetness, I guess the condensed milk was not enough for me when it was mixed with the ice. I did not ask for an extra serving though, so I'm not sure if there will be an extra charge for that. I still have to try the Mango and Oreo flavor some other time. I almost forgot, don't expect too many cashew nuts, it's always different when you see it in menus, any restaurant for that matter.

We also ordered this delicious sandwich for our snack

Hope to try the other flavor soon! Share us your thoughts about these Bingsu's offered by White Bean Cafe. How about you guys? How did you find the Bingsu of White Bean Cafe?

White Bean Cafe
Ground Floor of Nagaland Hotel
Elias Angeles St. Naga City
Contact No. (054) 473 2111


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