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Monday, March 13, 2017

#NCDfoodTrip: Mitsuo 'San aka Japan Japan sa Naga City

Naga City - Ever heard your friends eating at Japan Japan? Where the heck is this place? Well, actually the name of this authentic source of Japanese food is Mitsuo 'San at Mariano Village. Being a hole in the wall food place, Mitsuo 'San has been serving Naguenos for quite some time already. Hole in the walls need not be fancy and is appreciated by many because of its indistinct feat. Before Mitsuo 'San operated at the comfort of their home, the flavors of cooking of the owner was actually part of a well known Japanese restaurant here in Naga City. Perhaps you know which resto I'm referring to.  

Now where exactly is Mitsuo 'San? Make West Park at Magsaysay Avenue as your landmark, take the street beside it, Kayangga Street, and just walk for a few meters straight. If you see a signage in Japanese, on the right side, then you've reached Mitsuo 'San already.

Students and even professionals enjoy the budget friendly price of Mitsuo San's offerings. For as low as P100 per person, your #foodtrip is fully covered. They also accept made to orders, consider the California Maki for your parties and gatherings perhaps?

Sharing a few of Mitsuo San's best sellers that I have personally tried. But before everything else, there's one very importnat reminder. Japanese food  will require a little patience from you especially if you chanced upon the place full of customers. Consider the "Thank you for your willingness to wait" sign as a reminder beforehand.

Ramen for only P78.00. For this price with its taste, I'm satisfied and contented. 
They also offer Yakisoba.

California Maki at P110. I love how Mitsuo San serve their makis with consistency when it comes to taste and presentation. There's one restaurant here in Naga who offered the same but was only appealing during their first few weeks of operation. After ordering for the second and third time, the taste and especially the presentation gradually changed. Seems like they were cost cutting. Another alternative from Mitsuo San is the Kappa Maki which has a cucumber in it.

Prices may change without prior notice. 

Other offerings are: Rice Toppings which starts at P90 to P130. To name a few they offer Gyudon, Katsudon, Oyakudon, Chicken Teriyaki Don, Pork Teriyakidon, Salmon Teriyakidon, Salmon Bento, Tempura Bento, Tonkatsu Bento, Chickenkatsu Bento.

They also have Gyoza (dumplings) at P70, Miso Soup, Kani Salad Tempura, Takoyaki Rice and of course the Takoyaki Balls.

Prices may change without prior notice.

Mitsuo 'San
IG: @takoyakibymitsuo
Kayanga Road, Mariano Village, Naga City
Contact No. 09262445780 and look for Tita Goldie
Store Hours: 10:00 am to 8:00 am
Open from Monday to Saturday


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