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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Bicol Bloggers Turns 2!

Naga City - Here in the heart of Bicol as I write these random thoughts I came across our group (Bicol Bloggers) photos recollecting how far we've come not only as bloggers but as friends. We never see each other as a competitor. We see each other as a source of insight and inspiration for us to continue what we love to do. Our clicks just keep coming. Never a dull moment with my fellow bloggers. 

Writing is sometimes lonely. Bloggers demystify the where-to-gos, where-to-eats and just random thoughts that come across our thinking caps. While it is an extension of what we feel, see and touch, readers will always have the final say to whether the place is nice or not. Ain't it lonely when you and your readers don't meet half way? But, that's reality, and it helps us grow.

Getting a good grip and angle isn't an easy task. As we put it, the struggle is real when you do a flatlay just like in food blogging. Balance is important as you pose behind the camera, the behind the scenes are just hilarious and therapeutic just as it is. And oh the hands, hands and nails should be clean as it becomes the face and an ornament to the whole set up.

We love to make fun of ourselves. It's something that we cherish in every blogging duty that we have. We discover more of our own styles as we grow together as a blogging family. Blogging is not just about money, it's about the passion that we continue to harness each and every day and sharing it to others. There's nothing wrong in earning through your blog, but taking advantage of the invitations from businesses and personalities is something we dot not adhere to.

We spend and invest on the quality of what we post, but all these happen without any regret esp when you love what you're doing. Annual domain registration, gadgets to fuel our passion for a qualitative output and the list just keeps coming. While others see it as a business, we at Bicol Bloggers treasure our experiences together and the places we feature, because... Blogging as a passion is a lifelong commitment and not a monthly subscription. We put our very essence into what we post, like, and share.

It's just 2 years and yet we have shared good memories already and I'm very much excited to creating more memories with you guys in the future. Happy 2nd Anniversary to us Bicol Bloggers!


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