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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Review: 7 Fun Things About the Ford EcoSport Titanium (Black Edition)

Naga and CamSur has sure set the bar high when it comes to the number of showrooms of car brands in Bicol. While mostly are in Pili, buyers come from the north to south of Bicol. Full service facilities of the different brands are getting bigger and bigger as they expand in South Luzon. 

I'm a self-confessed car person. One of my bucket-list is to actually drive as many different cars as I can. I know I'm not an expert, but the passion to drive has been there ever since I started driving around 15 years ago. If asked which among my licenses would I want to keep, I would gladly keep my driver's license instead lol. Last April 2016, I blogged about how "Getting a Car in Bicol" has been this easy for us Bicolanos. We visited all the different showrooms here in CamSur and for this post I would be featuring the Ford EcoSport Titanium (Black Edition) variant in Red Mars.

Bacon, Sorsogon
As we all know the government has this revised excise taxes to be applied to automobiles divided into different price brackets in the next few months. So getting to know the right car for you is really important.

I always believe no car is better than the other. We get what we pay for. There might be features available in one car and missing on the other. It's difficult to find the "perfect" car and more or less we end up getting the ones that would justify our transportation needs. If a person learns how to love the strengths and flaws of his/her chosen car, it will always serve its purpose no matter what. I do have my favorites per segment of cars though, but of course, we only get what we need and not what we want.

Ford EcoSport 1.5L Titanium Powershift Black Edition 
Body Type: Crossover (A crossover or crossover utility vehicle (CUV) is a vehicle built on a car platform and combining, in highly variable degrees, features of a sport utility vehicle (SUV) with features from a passenger vehicle)
Transmission: Powershift: 6-Speed Automatic with Select Shift

Now here are the 7 fun things about the Ford EcoSport that would actually be present (some but not all) in the Ambiente and Trend variant too. Named this EcoSport "Q*Bert" because of the color, Red Mars.

1. 200 mm ground clearance and 550 mm water wading capacity. Basically because it's a Crossover type of vehicle. Since I have been driving sedans (Honda City and Ford Fiesta) in the past, I have now appreciated the existence of Crossovers. Though it might cost a little more on your budget, still it's worth it. Less worry on unpaved and rugged roads and perfect for my #ncdtravels.

2. Audio Quality, unique feats and oh the NOISE CANCELLATION. The EcoSport has a standard 6-speaker sound system, it has crisp audio quality with a booming bass that I really like, for me it's a stock that doesn't need any enhancement. Radio, CD, AUX, USB, and Bluetooth functionality for the entertainment system of the EcoSport. As a downside for some perhaps, people are now used to touch screens on their dashboards and the previous models of the EcoSport does not have that. BUT Ford has the SYNC system instead accessible by voice commands. Perfect when making and receiving calls, plus changing and choosing your music is hands free. It's like the Siri version of Microsoft. Touch screens belong to the Everest and Escape line but the next model will now have the touchscreen version already based on the media launch. The EcoSport  has a built-in Digital Signal Processing or DSP. Not only does it optimize the audio levels based on speed, but it can be optimized based on two settings: driver or passenger centric. So if you like your favorite artist singing at the back of your car, just adjust the DSP towards the passengers. The EcoSport has a noise cancellation feat, which is very obvious when you roll up and down the windows. There's also another socket at the rear seat, so your passengers can also charge their gadgets.

The Titanium variant has a lumbar support which is good for our backs especially for drivers.

For inquiries and quotation:
You may contact Arnel Barquilla
(0917) 579 9669
(0939) 917 6260

The Black Edition has roof rails and cross bars ready for racks/carriers just in case you want an additional luggage space for longer travel days.

Check out my latest #NcdFoodTrip (CLICK HERE) post on the way to Albay with Q*Bert

3. Sunroof / Moonroof (Titanium Variant Only). Don't you just love the daylight especially when there's fresh air in your countryside travels? As a blogger, this feat is definitely one of my favorites. Taking photos and videos at this vantage point is clearly an advantage on my end. 

4. Speed Limit Warning -  The EcoSport has an instantaneous fuel consumption gauge bar located at the top-most portion of the multi-information display. Since I have my dashcam which also has a speed limit warning, the EcoSports own speed limit warning is really a plus point especially for highway drives. Just scroll through the vehicle settings and set the speed limit thereafter. 

5. CompartmentsSSSSS - Fold down the rear sets and you can actually put a 560-liter washing machine inside. The Black Edition will actually make the car look smaller because of the black color accents, but the space of the EcoSport inside is not compromised. There are twenty (20) storage spaces that let's you conveniently pack things away. A slide-out drawer under the front seat keeps valuables safely out of sight. Even your sunglasses and umbrella have their own spaces. Learn the art of keeping and the EcoSport is up for that.

6. Keyless entry. It takes a lot of getting used to. Just a piece of advice, always put the keys near you as much as possible, in your pockets or clasp it on your belt. You can either lock the car using the remote or just by a push of the button on any of the three doors (two front doors and back).

7. Daytime Running Led Lights. The EcoSports front is really iconic, the daytime running led lights just gives it the sporty look. The blue lights inside the car is actually refreshing, not the usual orange or red ones.

Other feats: Aside from the distinctive running lights, the rear view mirror has Auto-Dimming feat that is really helpful at night when the car behind you is on high beam. The front wipers are also rain-sensitive, meaning, the harder the pour of the rain, the faster the wiper. You can also turn it off just in case you want to save a little battery of course. . It's one feature that I also appreciate. 

If your not into the Titanium variant, the Trend in Manual Transmission is actually a good option. I would not bother discussing which is better among the AT and MT, again, it will depend on the driver. As for fuel consumption, your DRIVING HABITS is a huge factor to consider. Speeding will always cost you more gas than the usual. The next model of the EcoSport will lose the Exterior Spare Wheel, at the back of my mind it might look like the Ford Escape, but let's see in the next months to come.

Ford EcoSport Led Scuff Plates

Calabanga, CamSur
For inquiries and quotation:
You may contact Arnel Barquilla
(0917) 579 9669
(0939) 917 6260

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