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Thursday, April 13, 2017

5 #NcDFoodTrip Stops on the way to Albay

Sharing to you my favorite food stops when traveling to Albay. Usually we drop by these stops when driving back to Naga, so it really depends when you get hungry during your trip or just have them as pasalubong.

With me is Q*bert, a Red Mars Ford EcoSport Titanium (Black Edition). Traveling as a blogger can be unpredictable to the point of encountering unpaved roads, potholes, floods and many more. With a crossover, there is this confidence because of the ground clearance  not unlike the sedan. It may cost you a little extra but it's worth the save in due time. To know more about the Ford EcoSport and it's fun feats, CLICK HERE.

Bastian Food House 📍Polangui, Albay 📌 Must try: Empanada, they aso have good meals being served. Nice place for a stopover for your long drives. (I can't find my photo na 😞)

Rice Puto and Baduya/Maruya/Sinapot📍 Near the Ligao/Guinobatan Boundary 📌 Must try: Rice Puto (Macapuno Flavor)

Don Juan's Puto / Don Juan's Favorites (Since 1947)📍Guinobatan Proper. An ancestral house-turned restaurant (Landmark is near the bridge/creek). You won't get lost here, once you drive thru the town proper it's just along the highway) 📌 Must try: Puto Bilog, Puto Lanson and other specialties. They also serve Kinalas here and other noodle dishes plus meals. Don't forget to take your photos, the place has a nice facade.

Pinangat and Inolukan 📍Camalig Albay. Don't get confused. Here in Naga and Rinconada area, our Pinangat has a filling (may laman na either shrimp or crab meat particularly ugama), while in Camalig it's the Inolukan. Pinangat in Camalig is purely made of leaves. 📌 Try Let's Pinangat or other stores at the downtown area. At Let's they also sell good Chicharon hehe.

Pure Suka / Coco Vinegar 📍Camalig, Albay
(Apologies, I keep on forgetting the exact barangay of the residences that sells the vinegar, but it's just along the highway, refer to photo)

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