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Sunday, April 23, 2017


I live in a city with a "probinsya feels". My life has been revolving around my day job and my passion as a blogger. I have recently made it a point to do two things that I love at the same time. My online life as a blogger has contributed so much to my day job being in the academe. It took me quite some time to figure it out and living in this part of the world will mean gadgets and accessories that will fit my lifestyle.Work, leisure, travel, blog, teach and do office work, oh wait I forgot, I am still a member of my family. We all have different roles in our lives and we need the right accessories, gadgets, bags and other things that will make our lives easier and comfortable.

Photo taken during my Urban trip to Taguig this April.
 I see to it that when I purchase products, it should be something that can be useful in my line of work and my passion at the same time. Aside from the functions, it should be durable and long lasting that could withstand unwanted elements. There's always the option to get the affordable ones but quality is at stake. Patience and saving up can go a long way so to speak and it does save the environment too, like avoiding yourself to trash immediately low quality products. So I checked out this store, Urbanize which is a haven of "Supplies for the Urban Adventure" and found so many items that would complement my daily needs and lifestyle in general.

First would be something to deliver a primary need which is to stay hydrated using the Hydrapak Stash collapsible bottle. This is really a space saver when not in use, genius! This is perfect for my weekend getaways!

I bet that if you have a friend or a relative who is a teacher, going to and from work will always look like as if you are bringing school work to your home. Preparing lessons, checking papers etc. is always part of being a teacher. This Sherpani Camden Tote/Crossbody/Backpack (Birch) is really one way to still look fab despite all the things that a teacher needs to bring home. I'm almost a decade old in the academe and never a day passed by that I used a small bag lol.

My third must-have would be this Urbanize flattop backpack. There are days that I transform to a blogger after office hours. This means that I have to bring with me my camera and necessary blogging accessories whenever we have blogging duties in the city alongside my existing office things. Carrying my essentials is like function and fashion at the same time with this backpack.

Let's face it, urban jungles also breed bad elements. Being vigilant and wise are two important characteristics these days especially for professionals. The anti-theft features of this Lewis N. Clark Secura collection utilizes straps with embedded stainless steel cables, has flexible Magnaloft™ fabric panels provide slash protection in critical compartments, with superb Locking hardware and zippers and RFID blocking features for identity theft protection. This is definitely a must-have especially for our hard-earned investments. Exploring the world can definitely be this confident with the Secura collection. 

Working people move to places not only for leisure but for growth. Part of my work also brings me to Metro Manila for training, conferences, conventions and the like. I have always been a backpack person for my travels to the metro and this 27L rugged pack designed for comfort of transport and protection of digital essentials called the Thule Paramount will obviously do the job. A 2-3 days conference in Manila is definitely easy-peasy with this bag.

This is from our last work/leisure trip to the Metro a few weeks ago.

I hope the  next time I have this kind of photo, it's an Urbanize product on my back. :)
So there, if you want to check out their line of  brands and Urban Adventure supplies, head on to their Facebook page HERE or website http://www.urbanize.com.ph


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