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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Schedule of Activities for the Wake of +Arcbhishop Emeritus Legaspi

Schedule of Activities for the Wake of +Arcbhishop Emeritus Leonardo Z. Legaspi, OP, DD
Image Source: Holy Rosary Minor Seminary FB

August 11-15, 2014

August 11, 2014 (Monday)
9:25am    Departure from Manila of PAL
7:00am    Departure from Naga for those who will meet the body at Legazpi Airport
10:25am  Arrival at Legazpi Airport

Welcome Prayer – Msgr. Tronqued (Vicar General of Legazpi)
with Legazpi Clergy and Archbishop Tirona - c/o Fr. Glen Ruiz
11:00 am         Departure from Legazpi Airport
Cars to join the convoy will be provided with flaglets and numbers as car identification.

The convoy with numbers 1-10 will bring the coffin to St. Peter’s Chapel-Mabulo for retouching and preparation of the body for viewing.  Others will go directly to the Basilica.

1:30 pm   Expected Arrival in St. Peter’s Chapel (Tabucco)
2:00 pm   Convoy from St. Peter’s Chapel to the Basilica Minore
2:30 pm   Solemn Liturgical Reception at the Basilica by Msgr. Cajot c/o Fr. Glen Ruiz
                           In attendance: City and Provincial officials

3:30 pm   Requiem Mass - Main Celebrant: Fr. Bernie Ramirez / Homilist:  Fr. Antonio Baltaza Imperial
In attendance:
Vicariate of St. Clare c/o Fr. Bernie Ramirez
Vicariate of St. John the Baptist c/o Fr. Anthony Imperial
Vicariate of St. Anne c/o Fr. Romeo Donacao
Vicariate of St. Paschal Baylon c/o Fr. Augusto Federico

4:30 pm    Public viewing/ Praying of the Rosary c/o DM sisters
5:15 pm    Requiem Mass  Main Celebrant: Fr.  Wilfred Almoneda / Homilist:  Fr. Antonio de lo Santos

In Attendance:
Vicariate of Our Lady of La Porteria c/o Fr. Danilo Arnante
Vicariate of St. Francis of Assisi c/o Fr. Antonio de los Santos
Vicariate of the Holy Cross c/o Fr. Wilfred Almoneda

6:15 pm    Public Viewing/Praying of the Rosary c/o Missionaries of Charity
7:00 pm    Requiem Mass  Main Celebrant: Fr. Larry de los Santos/ Homilist:  Fr. Lorenzo Juan Jarcia

In attendance:
Vicariate of St. Michael the Archangel c/o Fr. Larry de los Santos
Vicariate of St. Raphael the Archangel c/o Fr. Lorenzo Juan Jarcia

8:00 pm   Public Viewing/Praying of the Rosary c/o ACI sisters & DC sisters
9:00 pm   Public Viewing/Praying of the Rosary c/o Caceres Charismatic
10:00 pm Vigil : Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate
11:00 pm Vigil: OLPA, Cofradia de San Jose, Divino Rostro Asscoiation


NB:  All parishes, religious houses and institutions will celebrate mass preferably in the morning for the eternal repose of the soul of Msgr. Leonardo Legaspi.
Cathedral grounds will accommodate limited parking for guests.  Instead, the Minor Seminary Grounds and the Palace will be open for parking.
12:00 am   Vigil: Missionaries of the Poor
1:00 am – 4am Vigil: DM, Caceres Catechetical Community
5:00 am     Gualandi Community/CFSOP community
6:00 am     Requiem Mass  Basilica & Seminary (Major, Minor & Preparatory) Priests
7:00 am     Procession to the Cathedral
                        Minor and Major Seminarians
                        DM sisters
                        Caceres Catechetical Center
                        Missionaries of the Poor
                        Association of Consecrated Life in Caceres
                        General Public

                        Mariners Polytechnic College Band
                        Ateneo de Naga University Band

8:30 am     Liturgical Reception at the Cathedral by Archbishop Tirona c/o Fr. Ruiz
                     In attendance: NPS pupils and students
                                           USI students and faculty (reps)
                                           ADENU (reps)
                                           Council of the Laity

10:00 am         Requiem Mass Main Celebrant: Fr. Rogelio Largoza / Homilist:  Fr. Msgr. Jeffrey Nelson Tria
In attendance:
                        Vicariate of St. Anthony of Padua c/o Msgr. Jeffrey Nelson Tria
                        Vicariate of St. Bartholomew c/o Fr. Rogelio Largoza

11:00 am         Public Viewing/Praying of the Rosary c/o DC sisters
 12:15 noon      Requiem Mass (for office workers/establishments) Main Celebrant: Fr. Danilo Dizon / Homilist:  Msgr. Zosimo Sañado
 In attendance:
                        Vicariate of Our Lady of Penafrancia c/o Fr. Danilo Dizon
                        Vicariate of St. John the Evangelist c/o Msgr. Noe Badiola

1:15 pm    Public Viewing/Praying of the Rosary c/o St. Paul Sisters

3:30 pm    SOLEMN PONTIFICAL CONCELEBRATED MASS celebrant:   Most Rev. Rolando J. Tria Tirona, OCD with Bicol Bishops
4:30pm     Public Viewing

6:30 pm    Requiem Mass / Diocese of Libmanan MOST REV. JOSE R. ROJAS, DD with the Libmanan Clergy

Public Viewing/Praying of the Rosary c/o Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers

8:00 pm    Para-Liturgy with Necrological Services (c/o City and Provincial Government) c/o Fr. Glenn Ruiz & Mr. Allen Reondanga
10:00 pm  VIGIL  Couples for Christ / CWL

August 13, Wednesday

12:00 am   Vigil Adoracion Nocturna El Shaddai All Religious Organizations, Movements
3:30 am     FAREWELL DAWN MASS c/o All Monsignori, Palace Community Msgr. Noe Badiola, in-charge
4:15 am    Preparation of the Coffin   c/o St. Peter’s Chapel - Mabulo
4:45 am    Preparation for Departure   Ringing of Cathedral Bells
5:00 am    Departure to Legazpi Airport
                     To convoy:  Priests’ Private Cars, Police Escorts
7:30 am    Expected Arrival at Legazpi Airport
                     Preparation for Travel of the coffin
11:05 am  PAL Plane Departure

August 15 
2:00 pm   Funeral Mass – Sto. Domingo Priory (Sto. Domingo Church)


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