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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Book Bargain at NSB Naga

Just got booked and just got lucky. Last Sunday, we were lucky enough to get hold of books that I can use in my line of profession as well as with my mom. I was with my family that time and boxes just arrived at National Bookstore and I can say we were on the nick of time and just got lucky. 

Strategy. We were on the lookout everytime new boxes were being opened from one corner to another. Most of the books were published 2008 up and only a few from the 90s.

Bargain.We computed the original price of the books we bought and it reached 14k and our bill was only around 2k. Books available started at P10, P30, P50, P75, P100, to P200. Since we got the book that each of us wanted, ayan KKB siyempre. 

Dictionaries, thesaurus, almanacs, novels, reference books, textbooks for preschool up to college, story books for children, nclex reviewers, a lot of nursing books and a whole lot more than I can remember. To note, there were also a lot of Filipino authored books apart from the international ones. Let's hope National Bookstore sends again a truck of boxes full of books one of these days. 

Mom is on the Natural Sciences, I am on the Psychosocial and Behavioral Sciences. Most of these books are P30.00. The Organizational Behavior is actually P10.00 only.

Most of these books are for the GEC subjects in college and they are for our  student boarders in our mini library.

This is only P30.00 each and in hardbound. Wondering why we bought so many? Pwede na pang regalo sa mga teens. 

Collectors item alert! Sorry folks,  the moment we saw this, we never let them go even though it was P75 each. My sister being a bookworm and a Nancy Drew fan was willing to pay for this. From the box of deliveries, these were the only copies of the classic Nancy Drew. Number 34 and 55 though were actually two copies, but I saw them in the hands of a kid right after we checked out how man copies were available.
If anybody is willing to buy these Nancy Drew books, we can perhaps talk about it (at a good price). Haha

Considering that most of the books were still a bit new, see how expensive the original price were? 
Most of them books went through a series of bargain already.  


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