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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Happy Finds in Naga: Bamboombayan Diner

Students know how to find for cheap but satisfying food for snack or lunch. Decades ago and though still true these days, the following are very popular as Happy Finds of students: "Second gate kang UNC", another second gate kang Ateneo "sa Bayawas", sarong "pancitan" near the Metropolitan cathedral and a whole lot more. Probably if I did pursue my bachelor's degree here in Naga, chances are I would be able to enumerate more. Feel free to share your own happy finds dear students!

Our post for today is a Happy Find for the students of today's generation. Last Friday, I was able to finally visit Bamboombayan Diner near Ateneo de Naga University. It was high time to find out why BB is the talk of the class. 

The name Bamboombayan or BB for short is from Bagumbayan, the barangay where it is located and technically speaking the place is made out of Bamboo. BB is young at heart and knows how to capture the heart of the youth. No wonder why they opened during heart's day during the year 2012.

Let met get ahead of you on what to expect from this little resto near the Ateneo.

1. The place is commonly dined by students not only from Ateneo but also from other schools and universities. Yuppies are also visible here.

2. BB is not your average carinderia because they have  a VERY unique specialty. One that you cannot actually see yet from other restaurants here in Naga. Emphasis on the SAUCES my dear friends.

3. The place is not a posh food place but just enough for students and those who are looking for a yard-like ambiance of a home.
4. Regardless of the physical store, you will be surprised with what they are using as kitchen wares. Ceramics, glass and stainless steel spoon and fork which is just right especially for the chicken. Forget about battling with the chicken using the plastic spoon and fork.
5. BB was born out of compassion for others and not entirely for profit. The Clubhouse of the Ateneo played a major role for the owners of BB. Read on towards the end to know why. 

SECOND LEVEL. My favorite spot would be the second level of BB. We came at the perfect time last Friday to enjoy an amazing sunset which is just an add on during your stay at BB. Fixtures justifies the name of the place and makes you feel like having lunch in your own garden or yard. BB is located along Mother Francisca street at Bagumbayan. Since BB is not your ordinary carinderia, it is just a whole lot of different level in that spectrum.

"Home of Fried Chicken and Sauces". While chicken is the main product of BB, they offer a variety of sauces that can be used either as a topping or a dip for your fries. BB's chicken is one of a kind. What are the 6 spices then? Here's a tip, pepper is one the rest is for us to find out. According to the owners the spices are from Saudi. So that you can have an idea on how special BB's chickens are, let's just say it's head to head with the Cajun  Chicken of Bigg's Diner, NO KIDDING! Sauces are in Mushy Gravy, Creamy BB, Baked Garlic, and Arabian Curry. My personal favorite  sauce would be the Baked Garlic.

Don't forget to like Bamboombayan on Facebook

BB is open from Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 10 pm.

CLICK HERE to find BB on Google Maps

For the meantime, Bamboombayan delivers for bulk orders only. Minimum of 10 packs if a bit far from the central business district of Naga and a minimum of 4 packs if within centro.

Contact Number: 0933 365 5697
Bamboombayan's Menu
Apart from chicken, they also offer Pork Rice Meals which starts from P45.00 to P55.00. Among the choices are Crispy Sisig in classic, in mayo or in mayo + egg, Tenderloin Tips w/ Corn, and Bistek Bikol .
Drinks starts as low as P16.00 up to P32.00 only
This tall Iced Cappuccino is only P32.00

BB Fried Chicken in a Basket will be available 
starting August 26, 2014
This is something to look forward to. We'll keep you posted once price is available. 
Also, on Tuesday, next week will be a new menu board with NO PRICE INCREASE
that will justify BB's claim to have the most affordable fried chicken in Naga City.

Chickens come in flock, este Deli or Plain. Deli is served with potatoes on the side. While the basic or plain is served with the chicken and rice only. The Crispy Classic is only P42.00. Not bad right?

Crocante Chicken 
*Pardon the photos with low light. My takes did not give enough justice for the food.
Arabian Curry Deli

Mushy Gravy Deli, this is one of the best sellers of BB for only Php 73.00. Php 49.00 only for the Mushy Gravy (Chicken and rice).

Fresh Potatoes! Patata Fritos in Onions of BB

Creamy BB Fried Chicken for only P55.00

There's more to the bamboo than meets the eye. Behind Bamboombayan are two, young, business partners Marion and Kaye. Marion is the man behind the business concept and marketing strategies of BB and also a worthy to note football enthusiast not only in the Ateneo but also in Naga City. Out of passion for football, then came passion for food and service for others. He was connected with the Clubouse of the Ateneo wherein employees of the snack house were scholars / football players to be specific. Kaye on the other hand is head of the operations of BB. Clubhouse memories served as an inspiration for the owners. The tandem of these two yuppies create a friendly atmosphere in the store. Upon observation, customers feel comfortable here and there were even a group of students who were (I think) practicing a dance presentation just right outside BB. Seldom do cars pass by here unlike Ateneo Avenue. This is also a blessing in disguise because there's less pollution and noise for the customers. BB and the owners were able to surpass different challenges. These young entrepreneurs have the heart and right attitude on what it takes to work hard for something. 

I know we all have different palates and preferences with it comes to chicken, but give it a try and be surprised. 

Bagumbayan's little secret is indeed a happy find. "The most affordable chicken in Naga" is here! 'Till our next Happy Finds session in Naga!

Photos and images without ncd logo are from Bamboombayan Diner's FB Page. Rates and prices are subject to change without prior notice. 

* Thank you very much Marion and Kaye for having us.It was a fun Friday dusk/night with you guys. It's a pleasure having you on board our Happy Finds in Naga section. More power to BB! 


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