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Friday, August 15, 2014

Guide to Sulat Pool (Girl Scout), Panicuason

Naga City - We are very blessed enough with natural resources within our reach and Mt. Isarog is just one of them. One of the favorite destinations of local and even foreign tourist is uptown Naga with Barangays Carolina and Panicuason. These two barangays are home to resorts and adventure-filled areas for everyone considered as Naga's East Highland Tourism. Common to this uptown suburbs of Naga is a hike to Mt. Isarog and now even cycling enthusiasts conquer these trails not so common to many. 

For tourists who are not into churches and other religious activities, then this is for you. The Panicuason Hot Spring Resort is home to hot and cold spring water pool now even with additional facilities such as zip line and rappelling.Entrance to this resort is a bit higher compared to other resorts mainly because of its improved facilities.

If you're looking for a freshwater pool within Naga City at a very affordable rate, then "Sulat Pool" in Panicuason is an option. Though I still have to confirm this, locals call it "Girl Scout" before and according to my friends, the area was formerly a property of Girl Scouts of the Philippines.

How to get to Sulat Pool in Brgy. Panicuason then?

1. Ride a jeepney bound for Barangay Panicuason, the terminal is beside MetroBank, Caceres Street (Formerly Padian St.). Fare is ~Ph25.00.
2. From Penafrancia Avenue where the Our Lady of Penafrancia Shrine stands, you'll pass by Barangays San Felipe, Pacol and Carolina.

Road condition? Very very well paved, it's a road less traveled by. At the end on the service road in Panicuason, you will reach Girl Scouts of the Philippines' Camp Maria Aurora.

On the left side is the way going to Sulat Pool, on the right is towards Stonehouse Gardens Resort and Mt. Isarog National Park, where a kilometer walk and  a lil trek will bring you Malabsay and Nabuntulan Falls.

Enough parking space inside Camp Maria Aurora

Okay, don't expect too much from this resort. Every service fee is tantamount to a kind of service that we can get from a place. Bawal maarte, you need to be a "girl scout" and "boy scout" in this place. If you just want to dip in the icy cold spring water from Mt. Isarog, then Sulat Pool is for you. 

A year ago, the rates were:
Entrance: Adult P60, Children P35, Cottages P150

From the gate, is a few meters walk downhill to Sulat Pool

There are two huge pools, this is one (photo below). The other one which is deeper is just beside this pool towards the end and a few steps down. There's also one mini-pool for kids. They also have slides with cottages on the right side.

Inset photo: You can use that area to refrigerate your drinks, just make sure you wrap it in a plastic and perhaps put a name on it especially if there are so many people. You don't want to get them switched right?
 A bamboo bridge separates some of the cottages. In between is the flowing water downstream from the richness of Mt. Isarog. 

Just a note, during my visit last May of 2014, there were no decent shower/dressing rooms. It's a typical "kubo-like" dressing room like the ones in beaches back in the old days. There were two comfort rooms, not that presentable too. But because of the cheap entrance fee and the same icy cold spring water that one can enjoy, many local tourist still flock this place. I hope the management have improved those basic facilities this year though.

Sulat Pool is an alternative and inexpensive way to cool down this summer. So if you are someone who can go with the flow and be a cowboy and girl anytime of the day, then come visit Sulat Pool in Barangay Panicuason.


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