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Friday, August 22, 2014

Proud Probinsyana at SMX for DIM Summit 2014

Tourism advocate from Bicol invited to speak at SMX for DIM Summit 2014
It’s a dream come true for a “probinsyana” like Apple Allison!

A is for Apple, B is for Bicolano and BloggerC is for Creativity, and D is for Digital.. My list can go on and on if I will be asked to associate or describe Ms Apple using the letters of the alphabet. To keep it short, Ms. Apple, was the first industry (representing Avenue Plaza Hotel and Avenue Square) to have recognize nagacitydeck.com's goal to promote anything about Naga City. Series of partnerships with Avenue underwent through her initiative and just last summer, Apple made a bigger leap to help boost our local tourism #DateinDaet2014 by bringing bloggers together from all over the Bicol Region for a good cause in promoting Daet, Camarines Norte. 

Next month will be a bigger avenue for Ms. Apple, wherein she will be able to represent us Bicolano bloggers on how things are being run from a probinsyana's perspective. Since most of us bloggers are unable to spread our wings further due to our day jobs, Ms. Apple has been very generous enough to share her newly acquired ideas in helping us spread our own online turf as well. I'm pretty sure that she will do well in this upcoming Summit. Cheers to friendship and more partnerships in the future! Proud friend, proud fellow Bicolana here! A bigger Avenue for the Big Apple of Bicol. Congratulations Apple! (Pardon the "big" word Apple, I know you're cool with that, haha) 

Apple Allison Perez, digital marketing advocate and founder of Sole Searching Soul will speak at the upcoming 3rd Digital Influencers Marketing Summit Manila at SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia on September 13, 2014.

The #DIMSummit aims to empower entrepreneurs, marketers, and advertisers with insights on working with influencers and brand advocates. It is an ideal conference for current and aspiring influencers, thought leaders as well as recognized brand advocates.Highlight of the event includes the keynote of Mr.Anton Diazof Our Awesome Planet about expanding Digital Influence outside of thePhilippines. This is very relevant with the forthcoming ASEAN 2015 integration.

Ms. Apple Allison will share her experiences as one of the panel for the topic aboutPromoting Tourism, Travel, Culture through Digital Influencers and Social Media. As the marketing manager of the most recognized and awarded hotel in Bicol for the past 3 years, she will share how independent brand like Avenue Plaza Hotelcan utilize the power of social media to leverage its equity and service by staying connected with its customers. As a tourism advocate,she will also give practical tips on how to tap digital influencers and create network of ambassadors to promote tourism, travel and culture. This is ideal especially for aspiring digital marketers who are handling homegrown brands and SMEs in the countryside to become recognized worldwide.

Her passion for patronizing and promoting Philippine destinations was fueled when she heard Charie Villa talked about the many great reasons why we should “Choose Philippines” first despite all the challenges. Since then, she became an avid supporter & partner ofwww.ChoosePhilippines.com, the tourism advocacy website of ABS-CBN and now one of their Travel Insiders.

As a firm believer of Fun Theory, it is no surprise that Apple Allison is also big supporter of It’s More Fun in The Philippines campaign by the Department of Tourism. Aside from her blog posts and social media accounts, Apple Allison spreads the word about the fun in our country by being one of the most activeFun Ambassadors. She’s currently one of the Top 3 Fun Ambassadors with high fun score which she earned by posting about her fun travels and Philippine discoveries as well as creating and sharing It’s More Fun memes to her network.
She firmly believes in the power of internet and social media in promoting tourism and it must involve the community. In her previous projects and work experiences, she highlighted the importance of collaboration with fellow influencers and members of the online community to engage the locals to actively promote independent enterprises, local brands and emerging tourist destinations.

In May 2014, she spearheaded Date in Daet, a tourism advocacy campaign which brings bloggers, businesses and key stakeholders closer to Daet, the capital town of Camarines Norte and the no.1 most competitive municipality in the Philippines. I was able to revisit Daet again and my impression about the town has surprised me well. CLICK HERE for my #DiD2014 experience. 

Attendees to the DIM Summit 2014 can expect a highly-interactive session with digital marketing practitioners. Be inspired and learn from Ms.Apple Allison and other well experienced speakers. Make yourself and your brand relevant online by sparking participation and collaborations.Session starts at 9 AM with the introduction of event participants as a warm-up to the event.

To know more about Ms.Apple Allison’s journey to SMX and the influencers who influenced her, visit http://www.solesearchingsoul.com/home/a-probinsyanas-journey-to-smx-3rd-digital-influencers-summit-dimsummit2014

 Visit her blog at www.solesearchingsoul.com
and check her social media accounts.

Instagram @msappleallison  
Facebook Page Sole Searching Soul 
Twitter @soleSsoul 
Youtube Channel  Sole Searching Soul


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