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Thursday, May 23, 2013

MYSPACE: Home School Program

Homeschooling has flourished in our country over recent years due to the ease of long-distance communication over the internet and the rising cost of education and other resources. They permit study at the student’s own pace and allow a more flexible schedule that enables the student to pursue work or other interests while studying. Such programs are supported by Article IV of the 1987 Philippine Constitution, which decrees that quality education at every level should be made accessible to all Filipinos, including self-learning, independent, and out-of-school study programs.

Homeschooling involves the teaching of children at home, usually by their parents.   Home is considered the best school for our children and the parents are said to be the best teachers. This form of schooling is recognized by the Department of Education (DepEd).  The cost for these programs is considerably less than most traditional private schools. Apart from this, other advantages of homeschooling are that it permits individualized instruction, saves travel time, and promotes family bonding. While there are concerns that children’s social interactions may be limited, this may be counteracted by planning activities involving other children.

MySpace is under Seibo College Foundation, one of the premiere homeschool programs in the country, which provides modules to studentswith no pressure of learning all things. It is done at anytime, anywhere by the learner, mother or provider. 

You may enroll any time and the child may start anytime.

For more details, please contact (Globe) 09173004392 and (Smart) 09499620572 and look for Ms. Alice Rodriguez.


  1. Home schooling is something very important to our kids that we should have to fully give into them for it is one good ideal that brings some better things for them to get prepared in moving to the next level of their study. We, as parents must have to teach them well in our home so that they will be having an advanced knowledge in learning.

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