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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Let's Vote! Let's do this for Naga!

Just a few hours left before the election and I am just as stubborn as heck that I can be. I believe in the government but I am just dismayed with the reality of vote buying (sad to say it's not just becoming a reality but now a culture, tsk), black or white propaganda everywhere and numerous tactics that every candidate can ever come up with. I am little bit skeptic on who to believe or not. My line up of senators isn't complete yet and same as with the local councilors here in our city which requires a little bit of 'getting to know' more strategy. Well, I still have a few more hours to get to know them and reaaad.

CLICK HERE for the May 2013 Election Results in Naga City, Camarines Sur
CLICK HERE for Election Results in Iriga City, Camarines Sur
CLICK HERE for Camarines Sur and Provincial Positions Election Results

I would like to focus on my immediate surroundings, my city and my district. In case you haven't notice, I have never expressed on Facebook or on this blog DIRECT SUPPORT to any of the candidates there is. Nagkataon lang po na may mga na popost akong current activities sa city na election related dahil nandon ako sa lugar na 'yon or may oras ako para mag cover dahil may trabaho po akong di ko pwedeng pabayaan. Sometimes I share write ups regarding election related news available online just to relay the issue but not necessarily support or refute them. This is by the way an ordinary routine for Naga City Deck.

I did not decide on using NCD to support a particular candidate. Why? I am a mere observer of what is happening around the circus of Philippine politics. The candidates' strategy of campaign from day one up to the last day is something worthwhile to observe and be meticulous about. You will be able to see either how honest they can be or how desperate they can be with their means of getting the votes of the people. Yan po ay sa abot ng aking matatanaw. Only the candidates know how true and honest they can be.

Here in Naga we have two dominant parties right? Independent candidates are still there waiting for their luck. Uni lang po ang masasabi ko sainda gabos:

  • Gabos may kapasidad (can read and right di ba? but it's wayyyy more than that supposedly, so paghurop huropan pong maray)
  • Gabos honesto, sabi ninda eh (siyempre isay man ang masabing bako ka honesto lalo nat gusto mo makua ang boto kang mga tao)
  • Gabos tama ang sinasabi saka dakulon aram kung susumahon man (sige na benefit of the doubt na lugod).
  • Gabos may plano (natural ta madalagan baya sa sarong posisyon, pilosopo lang akon kadiit hehe)
  • PERO ang dai ta aram ang totoong motibo (ang motibo pwedeng maray saka bako, sana ang motibo ninda itong mapaparahay ang ciudad ta, bakong pansadiri bakong mapanlinlang).

Kaya sa totoo lang dawa aram pagal na ang mga kandidato sa kaka-kampanya, mapagal man po ang mapara dangog sa kaliwa't kanan na urulay kang mga kandidato. Dress to impress! Nakaka stress ang peg! Dressing of the most brilliant ideas and plans just to impress every voter. Igwa naman po akong sadiri kong linyada, gabos man kita, dai ko naman kaipuhan ipangalandakan, para sako sagrado ang sakuyang balota (if there's such a thing).

Oh and hello Comelec, I wish you had the teeth to bite who you have to bite. It seems complaints are just complaints against candidates or party lists. All you know is how to bark and bark, nothing more nothing less.

Kung sisay man po ang magtukaw, puon sa Mayor hanggang sa Councilor may pakiulay lang sana ako bilang sarong Naguena. Dawa sa kung sain na team man kamo, kung sakaling bakong ubos kung ubos ta baka maging hurukag, mayo man pong maraot, sana magkasararo man giraray. Dai na mag banghayan, sana tatao na magdangog ang gabos sa kada saro, kasi magtrabaho na kamo para samo, para sa kada sarong Nagueno, bako naman po sa posisyon nindo. 

Kaya mga tugang! Sana maging matuninong, malinig (how I wish) an satuyang eleksyon! Let's do this for Naga!!

*Pasensya na haralo ang sakong tataramon, bikol, filipino asin English hehe. Spontaneous lang po and pasensya na po bako akong linguist na matibay mag bikol. :)


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