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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Bicol-English-Tagalog Dictionary

Bicol-English-Tagalog Dictionary for Sale!

Naguena ako, nagbibikol-naga, pero may mga tataramon na bikol na minsan dai ko pa bisto o dai ko pa nadangog. (Naguena ako, nagsasalita ng bikol-naga, pero may mga salita na bikol na minsan hindi ko kilala o hindi ko pa narinig). Oops, did I translate it correctly? hahaha.

I'm no expert when it comes to our local dialect, but I am very proud of it. I have a Buhinon blood from my mother side, I can understand my relatives but I can't speak Buhinon fluently. We are in one region, but by just traveling to another city/municipality/province to another, there is already a change in diction, pronunciation and even in words.  Indeed we have a very rich culture and literature. Our dialect is not that complicated but it's interesting and easy to learn.

For those who want to learn our dialect, this Bicol-English-Tagalog Dictionary written by Jerry Escoto Adrados will surely help you a lot. Available at Giringgiting (beside Kopiroti) at The Cereza Compound, Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City for only Php 375.00. This isn't just a simple book or even a dictionary, this is like a window to our Bicolano Culture.

For deliveries within Naga City and nearby municipalities please contact 09079807551 / 09194907575 and look for Jericho.


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  2. thank you for posting this article. I've been finding this for days and this is the only one that helpful for me. Now I know which dictionary to find. Thanks again.
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  3. Ahm pwede po pa translate sa bicolano kong pwede kailangan ko lang na po talaga eh pakapalan na lng hahahaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚✌️....Mga gamit at mga salita po sana sa pananahi..
    *Tisang pangmarka
    *Pin cushion
    *Malaking Gunting
    *Makinang panahi
    *Trasing Wheel
    *Butones *Emery Bag
    Atsaka kong may maidadagdag po kayo mas ok po😊😊😊 Pasensya sa abala..😍😁😁😊

  4. It's really difficult to find a book that is low priced and very useful at the same time. This book is really amazing and would really help my cause because I want to learn other Filipino dialects because I am a fan of our culture. As a matter of fact, because of the overloading excitement I am feeling, I even started my career as a Tagalog translator Philippines.

  5. Ano po ibig sbhin ng salitang bisto s bicol

  6. ano po ibig sabihin ng "igurit" sa english?

    1. Ibig sabigin nyan sa tagalog ay "Iguhit" sa english "To write"

  7. Meron pa kaya nito available?

  8. Pwede po pa translate sa tagalog ang salitang bicol na "ang uuron sa duron wala'y aanihon" please nees ko lng po pra sa filipino subject ko po

  9. Ano po ibig sabihin ng salitang ibaloi na "ayshe nuwang ayshe kasal";"no nangba ni kayabang siguradon mauwang"

  10. Pwede po pa transalate sa tagalog ang mga pahayag ng ibaloi na "ayshe nuwang, ayshe kasal" at "no nangba ni kayabang, siguradon mauwang"

  11. From a linguistic perspective,Tagalog and Bikol are separate languages. Bikol language has several dialects(versions), for example Sorsogon Bikol is different from Naga Bikol. One reason Bikol is sometimes called a dialect of Tagalog is politics. Languages are associated with independent nations. For example, Portugese and Spanish are widely accepted as separate languages because they are two independent countries even if they are very similar. A Spaniard can usually understand a Portugese easily. I think our national unity is strong enough that we can admit that Cebuano, Bikol, Ilokano, Tagalog are separate languages. Even the 1987 constitution calls them "regional languages" not regional dialects.

  12. Ano sa tagalog ang bicol word na "ulok" at "ulukan"?

  13. Sir ano po kaya sa tagalog yung piriton maging maogma.. salamat po..