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Monday, September 3, 2012

Fellow Naguenos in Dubai Pay Tribute to Robredo

This post was lifted from SSC CamSur Thread and originally posted by "Naga Rivers" yesterday, September 2, 2012. This shows how our Sec. Jesse Robredo is well loved by Bicolanos, Filipinos and especially Naguenos wherever we may be. When the news broke about Sec. Jesse's plane crash up until his retrieval period, Naguenos just like Naga Rivers (presently based in Dubai) felt the sadness and grief even during his time of work. The connection made by Sec Jesse to each and every Nagueno is so strong that no distance can ever cut that feeling of grief when he was called upon by God.

A mass was offered by UNC HS Batch 95 based in Dubai and afterwhich they joined a Breakfast for a Cause as their way of tribute to Sec. Jesse. Mabuhay po kamong mga kapwa ta Nagueno, Bicolano, mga kababayan dyan sa UAE!

Actual post is as follows:

"A simple tribute for a Simply Jesse from the UNC High School Batch 95 in UAE - with Larry , Julius, Hubert, Florence, Rose, Myla, Lea , Algin, Kosette Flora Tonga, Pilosopong Tasyo, Dan, Janeth" - John R.

Last Friday, my UNC high school batch 
who are residing here in UAE offered a Holy Mass 
for the soul of our beloved Sec. Jesse Robredo 
at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Dubai.

At first, we're shy to pose for group pictorial as we might disturb 
some church goers... but we never expect that when our fellow 
kababayans saw the tarpaulin, they asked us if they can join 
the group picture and some are taking photos as their souvenir. 

Even this Indian knew about the good things that 
Sec. Jesse did in Naga City and as DILG Chief. 
The thing that surprised me since he is not a Filipino 
and never even visited the Philippines.

That even Julio's queries can be answered by this Indian.

After the Mass, we joined a "Breakfast for a Cause" 
which is our way of giving tribute to Sec. Jesse. 

And just like in church when we pose for 
a group picture, our fellow kababayans pose with us 
and took pictures. 

This is how popular our Sec. Jesse. Every time they asked us, 
"Taga Naga ba kayo?", 
we proudly reply that we're Naguenos and that he was our Mayor then.


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