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Sunday, September 23, 2012

UP HARONG: Academic Festival 2012

The ACADEMIC FESTIVAL is a prestigious event hosted by UP HARONG, an organization of UP Diliman students coming from the province of Camarines Sur. Since 1996, it has served as a haven for intellectual exchange, meaningful exploits, and openhanded discourse.

ACADFEST caters to high school students in Camarines Sur and Cities of Naga and Iriga. It shall be composed of a series of contests: 17th Tingog nin Rason Debate Tournament, 15th Boses Kan Jovenes Public Speaking Contest, 11th Harong nin Dunong Quiz Bee, 10th Sural Essay Writing Contest, 9th Gayon Bikolnon Poster-Making Contest, 5th Ladawan kan Kabikolan Photojournalism Contest and the 3rd Istoryang Suanoy Contest

Investigating the Link

The world we now live in revolves around a massive system of information known as the World Wide Web. Its infinite hands reach out and get entangled so much in the daily weavings of human life that now, everybody, or at least almost everybody, is online. Everybody has a Facebook account. Everybody gets entertainment from Youtube. Everybody is but a page away from everything he has to and wants to know. In fact, everybody is just a click away.

And yet, in a world of so much connectivity, somehow, we have never been so apart.

Because online, people fight wars. People create discord. People step on each other's rights. People spread advocacies that undermine other people. People copy and steal from other people's minds. Things we would not do to our neighbors are being done to people from across continents. And with a cloak of anonymity to protect us, we have no consequences to be afraid of.

We have to realize that the World Wide Web is not simply a tool of our pleasure and convenience, but an extension of human life. That, as we create online versions of ourselves, we must also endow them with the values that allow us to live peacefully offline. That even online, every right we enjoy has an equivalent responsibility. That, as the Web is as powerful a weapon as any war machine, we must take care in making sure we are not stepping beyond boundaries of respect and courtesy.

But where do we start?

Awareness is key. Knowing what is right and what is wrong is always the first step towards moral wisdom, even in a medium so advanced as the Internet. And as we, the youth, are the most involved in the dealings of the Web, the campaign towards responsible and informed use of social media must start with us.

Over-all Winners of AcadFest 2012

Over-all Champion
Ateneo de Naga University High School

1st Runner-Up
Camarines Sur National High School (City of Naga)

2nd Runner-Up
University of Nueva Caceres

Below are the list of winners per event:

15th Boses Kan Jovenes Public Speaking Contest Winners

2nd Runner-up: Ronna Shane Belaro (Partido State University)
1st Runner-up: Klarisse O. Vela (Modern Learning Center of Iriga City)
Champion: Mark Jeremy P. Esquejo (Camarines Sur National High School)

3rd Istoryang Suanoy Winners

2nd Runner-up: Rose Anne B. de los Santos (Ateneo de Naga University High School)
1st Runner-up: Jhan Rendel A. Bernabe (Camarines Sur National High School)
Champion: Hans Cedric Vidallon (Sipocot National High School)

10th Sural Essay Writing Competition 

2nd Runner-up: Althea B. Abergos (Ateneo de Naga University High School)
1st Runner-up: Kirsten S. Sto. Domingo (Dominican School of Calabanga)
Champion: Czarina Joy B. Arevalo (University of Nueva Caceres)

5th Ladawan nin Kabikolan Photojournalism Contest 

2nd Runner-up: Mary Joy Nisola (University of Nueva Caceres)
1st Runner-up: Sherwin Bogayan (Pili National High School)
Champion: Cecille San Buenaventura (Ateneo de Naga University High School)

Gala Night Winners

2nd Runner-up: University of Nueva Caceres
1st Runner-up: Pili National High School
Champion: Naga College Foundation

9th Gayon Bikolnon Poster Making Contest 

2nd Runner-up: Mark Francis Encinares (Central Bicol State University of Agriculture)
1st Runner-up: Jonathan Logoc (Dominican School of Calabanga)
Champion: Jorrei Cadores (Camarines Sur National High School)

11th Harong nin Dunong Quiz Bee Winners

Top 3 Scorers during Elimination Round
1. Marbille Juntado (Partido State University)
2. Ric Arvin Agapay (Ateneo de Naga University High School)
3. Neil Francine Molina (Camarines Sur National High School)

Michael Testa
John Paul Sabio
Emerson Borja

1st Runner-up
Juan Carlo Gonzales
Mica Marie Dudero
Ric Arvin Agapay

2nd Runner-up
John Paulo Magistrado
June Lorenz Capin
Anna Marie De Villa

17th Tingog nin Rason Debate Tournament Winners 
3rd Runner-up
Sherfeil Bermundo
Maria Crischelle Mueca
Sharmaine Cortez

2nd Runner-up
Zypert Barcelo
Dianne Faye Losa
Ric Arvin Agapay

1st Runner-up
Maan Macatangay
Rowell Valencia
Paul Christian Belaos

Jerold Buela
Shanne Marie Hojilla
Denzel Macaraig

Best Speaker of the Finals
Denzel Macaraig (CBSUA 1)

Best Speaker of the Tournament
Fatima Jennae Jereza (ADNU 1)


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