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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lenses for Camera Phones

WIDEN your horizon, LOOK DEEPER into the meaning, and EXPOSE the beauty of your photos! How?? PicksurePicksure can help you with that!

I once created a post about these lenses when my friend first launched it months ago,  but it's much more fun experiencing it my own way. For only Php 999 have your own WIDE, MACRO and FISH EYE lens for your smart phone! As long as the lens of your camera phone has a flat surface and back casing, then you can give it a go!

For years, a DSLR has been on my wish list, and is still a dream up to date. Meanwhile, these lenses for my phone made me feel excited while taking photos imagining how it will look as the finish output.

Let's take a look at the contents of the small yet productive package.

These are the phone cases I bought that I've been using interchangeably depending upon my mood. First base below is obviously my favorite that I requested for a set of red lens too. The lenses have a STRONG magnet on it, the rings that you will have to place at the back of your case should fit it perfectly. You can cut it for the flash portion or not, which I did for the black casing. 

In order to secure your lens from falling, you can use a super glue / mighty bond to stick the ring on your casing. Your casing doesn't need to be that expensive. I got the red one for only Php70.00 and the black for Php 80.00 intended for Iphone 4s units.

The 3 lenses are: first on the top most is the Fisheye Lens (my favorite), second and third is the Wide and Macro Lens that goes together. If you put them together, twisting it to the left will give u a wide output and twisting it to the right will give you a macro output. 

The black ones are the protective rubber caps for  the lenses. The other metallic cover is for the other side of the lens which will stick to the magnet of the lens itself.

What if you lost the ring? Don't worry, your package will have extra rings for your casing. It is advisable not too place the rings on the back cover of your phone. It's one way of preserving your phone anyway.

waterdroplet from Gulp, see how detailed the table cloth is?

My 6 year old college ring on top of a scissor

First photo on top has a wide lens and below has none (normal shot from an iphone 4s)

FISHEYE actual shots

Plaza Barlin at night

CLICK HERE for other sample shots.

There you go, these lenses will help you develop your passion for photography. We might not be professional photographers but we can develop our own characters and personality in prints and photos by how we frame scenes and events. 

Kudos to our fellow Nagueno Ian for taking phone photography to the next level! More power!

For orders please text or call 0916 312 8676 or visit their official website www.picksurepicksure.com


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