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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Penafrancia Resort, Carolina Naga City

Penafrancia Resort is one of the oldest resorts here in Naga but has maintained its quality service and fully functional amenities at a friendly price. Developed since 1970, Penafrancia Resort has 4 pools and wide landscapes for kids and kids at heart. Cool breeze and refreshing water from Mt. Isarog will surely sooth you to relaxation as it awakens your connection to nature and to one self.

From the Penafrancia Shrine, the resort is about 11 kms drive, it's near, it's very accesible, 
come and visit one  of Naga's pride.

For more inquiries you can visit their official website ate www.penafranciaresort.com
Contact Nos. 054-4750723 or cell phone number 09102202512


  1. may wifi ba dito? and price po ng entrance and rooms. Ala kasi sa website nila..thanks!

  2. the last time we went there wala pa po sila WiFi. for the rates you can contact them po

  3. i don't know the latest po, you can contact them at 054-4750723 or cell phone number 09167517362 or visit the site at http://penafranciaresort.com/

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