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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bubble Town Tea House Naga

Bubble Town Tea House 2nd Branch is now OPEN 
at Avenue Square, Magsaysay Avenue Naga City

Photo Credits: RJ Bascuna

located at Panganiban Drive, Naga City

Finally! NCD admin was able to visit Bubble Town Tea House last Monday, May 16, 2011. Mini_Lamb's first post was really interesting and is surely one way to win the heart of every Naguenos out there. But because it has been my routine here at NCD to explore what is here in Naga, that I had to try the drinks for myself. It's also a way to give support to one of the siblings of BTT who happened to be a batchmate from high school. 

Verdict? Bubble Town's Tea is bubbly fun and healthy. This will surely be one of my coffee alternatives. Almost everyone is mindful on one's sugar intake, that's why BTT can help you with that down from 0%, 30%, 50%, 80% or to may be to full blast 100% sugar on your drink. 

You can order in short or tall size and the flavor of your choice either in Red/Black or Green, Milky or in Slush. 

Photo Credits: RJ Bascuna

Oh btw, here's a plus point for BTT. The heartfelt greetings of the siblings is an extra plus plus point on their quality service which we, Naguenos are very good at. More power to Bubble Town Tea House and congratulations for adding up color to the coffee and tea industry here in Naga City. 

What are you waiting for guys? Let's be bubbly at Bubble Town Tea House! 


  1. Nice post, NCD! Btw, Tnx for mentioning. I must've been too careful right when I was mistaken as NCD that's why I had to inform you before i could post my blog, a subtle way of introducing BBT.. more like a pretaste. hehe. More testimonials, more followings! More power BBT! The map surely works. Yes, courtesy is highly appreciated that is why going back to BBT is never a hesitation. I personally experienced exchanging glares and raising eyebrows with some baristas at another coffee shop due to poor customer service.. they work there as if they don't want to be there. hehe nwy, there you go, I'm looking forward to have another sip of BBT soon enough. i'm dreaming of those Tapioca balls again... =)

  2. that's no problem at all. i had to give you the credits for posting your write up of course. you deserve it! :)

    the tapioca balls are really addictive!