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Thursday, May 26, 2011

American Idol Season 10 is Scotty!

Week by week I kept on watching the Top 13 of AI Season 10, I was actually for James or Casey on the guys' side and Haley for the ladies. I did not doubt Scotty's ability, I even believed what the producer's commented that even if Scotty will not win, he will surely find himself with record labels after the show. As the Top 13 was trimmed down bit by bit I can already sense on how America votes. The crowd's favorite with their neon boards plus the judges' comments every elimination does not guarantee the favorites. Week by week, shocking results surprised everyone. When it was down to top 5 then to top 3, every elimination result was now pointing to what genre of music will win this season. 

The Top 2 performance was uhmmmm quite boring. Nokia Theater!? What happened to Taio Cruz's performance? Other than it was cut short, the microphone even messed it. In my own point of view, I think it was not that impressive.

BUT!!! The Grand Finale was purely AWESOMENESS!!

Here are my favorite performances.

1. Beyonce and the ladies of Top 13!! (wooo hands down to Beyonce!!)

2. Tony Bennett and Haley Reinhart

3. Jack Black and Casey Abrams - Fat Bottomed Girls

4. Lil John with TLC and the Ladies of Top 13 - I miss TLC songs :)

5. Scotty McCreery and Tim McGraw

5. Mark Anthony and Jennifer Lopez (hands and asses down to J. Lo!)

7. The boys of Top 13 and Tom Jones

8. Lady Gaga's Edge of Glory

9. Bono and The Edge

10. Beyonce's One Plus One

11. and of course Steven Tyler's Dream On

Season 10 had a lot of firsts: 
  • First to have the youngest Top 2 ever which resulted to the First Youngest American Idol as of to date. 17 at that!
  • First to have both the same kind of genre on the top 2 which is country music
  • First time to have breaking record of 122 Million Votes. That's incredibly huge!

The Grande Finale made me waved my hand and shouted along with the crowd. I will not be surprised if I will see Scotty McHotty's name on the Billboard Top 100 which I regularly check. Jack Black was also waiting for his hug, but I guess Scotty was already overwhelmed with the announcement. Nevertheless, you're so cute when you're crying! haha


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