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Monday, May 9, 2011

Bubble Town Tea House: healthy pleasure


Come to love flavored 'shaken teas' - red, black or green, and Tapioca balls, one of the special varieties of sinkers/textures available, with Bubble Town Tea House's own healthy concoction! How healthy? Sweetness of the tea drinks can be adjusted from 100%, 80%, 50%, 30% to zero sugar upon ordering!

As to accessibility, BUBBLE TOWN TEA HOUSE is located at Door 1 Pavillion 2 Panganiban Drive Naga City. That's around the corner of Mayon Ave.

For inquiries, call 054-478-8001 or send email to Bubbletowntea@gmail.com. For hire: barista. Just look for Karen. Net-users can avail of WiFi service while enjoying Bubble Town tea. =)

A new craze and soon-to-be a staple modern tea house in Naga, Bubble Town Tea House is open from 10am - 10pm, very convenient to yuppies, couples, kids and whatever clique! =)

May 11, 2011:

Night at Bubble Town Tea House Naga...
My three billiard buddies, Mx, Mk & Bn, joined me for this friendly visit. To help us with our choices, Karen and Kathy suggested we have Passion Fruit Red Tea at 75 php (tall), Milky Almond at 90 php (tall), Milky Strawberry at 85 php (tall) and Milky Mint Choco at 95 php (tall). All drinks were served in 80% sugar. Each had rich Tapioca Balls as sinkers while mine, Milky Strawberry, had Strawberry Popping Boba sinkers for consistency of the taste since strawberry is my favorite fruit.

I miss that fresh strawberry fruit handpicked from Strawberry Farm , think Baguio or La Trinidad. Thanks God I met a similarly cute and tasty alternative here at Bubble Town Tea House. The Popping Boba balls got me from a haggard oger to a playful Dora. =)

The colorful cartoon packaging is eye candy!

Among the four flavors personally chosen by the owners-turned-baristas, I like the one which they picked for me the most. Soon, they'd probably have their own picks as part of the menu. We had nice chats and some cold sips right outside the tea house where seats and tables are readily provided. =D

Bubble Town Tea House 2nd Branch is now OPEN 
at Avenue Square, Magsaysay Avenue Naga City


  1. you're welcome PJ and Kathy!
    thanks also to our contributor mini_lamb who's behind this post :)

  2. you're welcome NCD. photo credits: logo and wall design is courtesy of the BBT family.=)