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Monday, November 29, 2010

Picolé Healthy Ice Pops Naga

I was not around for the past few days. I was out of town because of an office related work / vacation carrying with me a lot of responsibilities, not just one but 14. I was with my 14 students and I accompanied them to attend the annual convention of Psychology students (PAPJA). For a while, I was like a mother hen with 14 chicks that I have to tend and look after. When I got back home after a tiresome trip, I remembered that there will be a store opening on that 28th of November. After being strict for 3 days "don't go there, stick around, have your dinner, enough swimming, take a bath, be quick, keep your voices down etc etc I now followed my senses as if I was a child looking for Popsicles to cool me down. And yes I was not frustrated, I looked for the Popsicle kart at SM City Naga with sky blue and white lights just near the food court and overlooking the activity center named Picolé Healthy Ice Pops, that is Step 1.

Okay now, STEP 2, like a child choose your flavor. The one that your taste buds is telling you to taste and cherish that cold icy pops on your mouth. If your a child, ask your parent/guardian to tell the guy in apron what you wish for. If your an adult, well, it's up to you to go for the one that your subconscious is telling you. (don't worry you won't get fat with this Popsicle) 

On the side are the healthy facts that you can read on about the different choices that Picole is offering to us.

Now choose one...

Step 3. Have it the way you want it.. lick or as for me I always bite popsicles :D

Oh dear it's gone. You can now go back to STEP 1 just in case it's not enough for you.

This newest ice pop is for all ages. Diet conscious, healthy people and not so healthy people will all benefit with this icy pop. It can awaken our childish side at the same time we can enjoy a cold Popsicle without thinking of adding sugar into your system or getting you fat.

TRY IT NOW! PicOne Pic-OL! Picolé!


  1. Thank you for trying our healthy pops! But most of all, thank you for the very awesome blog! =) Be Cool! Be Healthy!!