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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Music Box - Family KTV Bar

Music Box Room Rates

Magsaysay Avenue of Naga City isn't just for party people and Friday night addicts. Flickering lights at night welcomes us as we pass by this long stretch of Maogmang Lugar called Magsaysay Avenue. Weekday nights are no excuse not to fill up the sidewalks with full parking especially when it's dinner time. For daylight people, Magsaysay has numerous restaurants to respond to your cravings. Leisure, fitness and entertainment is very well evident in Magsaysay, one of which is the Music Box at the 2nd floor of BPI. 

The Music Box is a family KTV Bar. Singing chooses no age, pitches and tones of different vocal chords and diaphragms can fill up the room without getting heard outside esp. if you're a shy person. Out of tune or not, it will always be the bonding that counts whenever a group of friends or family members will spend some time in one room signing together. Rate starts at Php 1,500 and is consumable with food and drinks for two hours. If you're not the karaoke type of person but still you want to enjoy the company of your friends and family, you can always order in from it's neighboring source of cravings namely Beanbag Coffee, Molino Grill, Fat Joe's Burger and Blue Bar. So what are you waiting for? There's always a room for you in the box, get in the box, sing, eat and be merry, try the newest KTV Bar in town only at Music Box.

Photo Credits: Jessy Florendo


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