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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Naga Basilica Bikers Club Halloween Night Ride 2010

The NAGA BASILICA BIKERS CLUB (NBBC) was organized by several bike enthusiasts in Naga out of their love of physical fitness through biking and fellowship.
They meet every TUESDAYS, FRIDAYS & SUNDAYS, at the back of the Basilica Church every 5am.
Bikers of Cac-Cle, Rotary Naga, (asin iba pang pinaghalean) are on the road every 5:30am on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. Join us and have fun

People nowadays form groups sharing the same passion and goals. We all know that running, biking, triathlon to the extreme has been one of the latest craze that we have today. If you see all those ads with 3k, 5k, 10k etc etc, it means that people are going to get their running shoes' burning on the road,  tires' smoking in speed and legs working out their Gastrocnimeus muscles. If the Basilica Grounds has been known for INA, at dawn when half of the world is sleeping, there are humans fully awake as early as 4 am to run, bike and stretch their muscles side by side, up and down routinely.

NBBC is at par with other local groups that we have sharing the same passion. If you have the bike and you love cycling, try considering showing up to the group and share your experience on how cycling helps you physically, mentally and psychologically. Be fit and be healthy, for sure you will have a bonus prize.. you'll earn a friend and earn a family with the fellowship that you will have with Naga Basilica Bikers Club.

Watch this unique activity done by the NBBC in time for the halloween.
Video by Ian Agawa in HD


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