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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Experiencing SM City Naga

SM City Naga
by Naga Boy

Box type and tawdry

...are the words most Filipinos use to describe SM Malls.

While it's true that SM Caters to the non-upscale crowd

SM City was designed to give ordinary people the sophisticated feel

The mall has a ritzy glow

Fully air-conditioned...

...and has the first and only 3D Digital Cinema in Bicol...

...has a swanky Department Store...

...and a huge Supermarket

..spankingly tidy foodcourt

...innumerable shops and restaurants to choose from

... a Cyberzone

...cavernous multifunction hall

...multi level parking (4 levels)

And most importantly.. it's the only SM Mall in Bicol...

What more can the Naguenos ask for?
An Ayala or Robinson's Mall perhaps?
..and based on recent press releases
and reports, the coming
of the other Big 2 is not far-fetched,
and seem inevitable.


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