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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Sweet Gallery by Jack's Blue Plate

Naga City – Countless coffee shops here and there, but do we have any dessert bar? Though we have restaurants and bakeshops offering cakes and pastries as well as an ice cream shop, a dedicated dessert bar is something new for us. Time has changed and the opening of  “Sweet Gallery” located on the second floor of Jack’s Blue Plate Magsaysay is an answer to that call.

From Top Left to Right:
Apple Pie, Blueberry Cheesecake
Cherry Pie, Strawberry Cheesecake
Banana Cream Pie

Sweets and Gallery. Sweets and desserts such as cheesecakes, cheesecake shots, pies, muffins, cookies and more. Everything is baked fresh to satisfy your cravings. The place is surrounded by art works of various Bicolano artists that are for sale. The owners of Jacks' Blue Plate has really been very supportive to local talents since day one. Blue Plate's Pili and Panganiban branch is a place of art and food too. The place is well lit and has lights that can actually be adjusted to suit your mood. The gallery can also be used for private functions and special occasions. The fixtures are definitely very unique and of different kinds. A high chair perhaps or a dining table for your group with sofas on the side. Wherever you want to sit is up to you. The location of the restaurant and dessert is at the Isage building almost right infront of AMA Naga.

Artworks of kids are also displayed at the Sweet Gallery.

At the bar. Cookies, gingersnaps, oatmeal walnut raisin, chocolate chunk, peanut butter cookies and peach cobbler. Pricing starts at P25 to P45 per piece and P99 to P119 per pack. 
Bitter Sweet Symphony. The aroma of a brewed coffee is all you need for pastries and desserts. The brewed coffee will definitely complement the sweets available in the bar. Sweet Gallery goes back to the simple side of having coffee like it's your cup of coffee after a hearty meal shared with your friends or family. Brewed coffee is only P45 while Cafe Latte and Cappuccino is at P65.

Our hearty meal at Jack's Blue Plate Magsaysay. From Top to Bottom:
Taco Pizza, Jack's Burger, Spaghetti and Meatballs, White Tuna Carbonara, Onion Tower and Barbecue Ribs. And oh don't forget the cocktails. Blue Plate's best sellers would be the burgers, barbecues, pizzas, lobsters and a whole lot more! One day of dining in Jack's is definitely not enough.

Hot apple pie of my eye.. The apple pie of Sweet Gallery and Jack’s Blue Plate will absolutely blow you away, no wonder why it’s one of their best sellers. I am not even an apple pie kind of person but it has totally changed my hesitations towards it. Knowing that the recipes of Jack's Blue Plate is mostly American, you can never go wrong with their apple pie. The pies are highly recommendable as an alternative for the usual cakes during special occasions. Other flavors of pies available are Banana Cream Pie and Cherry Pie. Soon there will be a lot more to offer. Pricing: Pies starts at P79 to P89 per slice and P365 to P425 for whole pies. 

Cheesecake Shots

Muffins available are in Blueberry, Chocolate Chip and Orange Cranberry which comes in small or jumbo size. Prices starts at P20 to P79.
Up close with Jack's Blue Plate food.

Barbecue ribs with potato wedges, muffin and special pork and beans which by the complemented each other so well. and oh the Taco Pizza for the win! 

Cosmopolitan and Margaritas
Breakfast Buffet. Happens every Sunday 7am to 10:30 am at Jack's Blue Plate Magsaysay for only P199. Enjoy Blue Plate's made-to-order omelette and pancakes.

Dessert, pies or cakes with coffee will only take you around P150.00 each. It's very affordable considering the ambiance of the place. Jack's Blue Plate also caters for your hassle-free meetings. For bookings, reservations and inquiries you may call at (054) 873-0226.

Sweet Gallery 
2nd Floor Isage Building
Jack's Blue Plate Magsaysay
Store Hours: 3pm to 11pm Tuesday to Sunday
Facebook Page: Jack's Blue Plate Magsaysay


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