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Monday, August 31, 2015

Cafes in Naga: Don Rodolfo's Cafe

Naga City - Themed and artsy coffee shops dominate our city at this point in time. Yet another coffee shop here in Naga has recently opened along Liboton Street now called M.T. Villanueva Avenue in the name of Don Rodolfo's Cafe (DRC). The cafe, was named in memory of the owner's father. This coffee shop is perhaps a small and quaint place but it looks spacious on the inside.
Located in front of Jimmy & Tang's Restaurant


Minimalist and blossoming art. The cafe is L-shaped with at least 5  dominant spaces for a specific artwork. The art in is a combination of minimalist type, modern calligraphy, doodle artworks, an allotted space for throwback of events and future events plus a freedom wall at the back of the cafe. No wonder that this cafe will also be evolving through time. 

Time for Naga. Because I am passionate about Naga and everything in between. This will be my favorite corner. To name a few of the landmarks on frame are: The big three churches Basilica Minore, Peñafrancia Shrine, Naga Metropolitan Cathedral,  plus the Rotunda and Plaza Quince Martires. 

Framed artworks by @yvetteducut showcasing mostly of the landmarks of Naga City.

Up close of the Quince Martires
A very unique framed and drawn hairstyles by the same artist @yvetteducut. There's no other cafe or restaurant in Naga City with this kind of art. This actually comes in eight frames, I'll leave the next four for you to discover. The huge wall art with quotable quotes and motivational lines were also hand painted by Ms. Yvette. Strike a pose on the couch and have it as your background. (See photo above).

Photo by @rodolfoscafe

Just a few weeks ago, Lei Melendres and girlfriend Marso Ya, both famous doodle artists came to Rodolfo's for a live doodle art session and these are the finished artworks. On the left is by Marso Ya which somehow looks like a "Beanie" (instead of a genie in a bottle) having a coffee break. On the right is Lei Melendres' awesomely detailed artwork that you have to see for yourself. So do visit the cafe. 
Photo by @rodolfoscafe
Freedom wall, can be erased but not forgotten. This part of the cafe is hidden, not unless you need to go to the comfort room, then you'll pass by this board full of expressions. Once the board is full, then it will be erased. But don't you worry, because the owner sees to it that it is document. Aside from this board, Rodolfo's Cafe has a guestbook for you to scribble and doodle on. Just follow Rodolfo's on Instagram @rodolfoscafe because they regularly post and feature your contributions. 
Photo by @rodolfoscafe


Smores, Sisig Pasta, Burger, Fries, Cinamon Roll, and Choco Heat for the Frap. These would be personal favorites at Rodolfo's Cafe. Just a few weeks ago, DRC introduced a new product, a Black Burger. Very intriguing right? As of writing DRC is the only cafe serving Smores and Black Burger. Another first in Naga City. The Choco Heat is actually sooo Bicol, it kicks in a little spice on your palate. You can always request for level of spiciness if you're not much of sili person. I still have to try a few more dishes from DRC, so come on join me as I discover more about this cafe. 

Follow Rodolfo's Cafe on Instagram @rodolfoscafe

Burger with Iced Tea and Fries for P179. The cheese sauce will make it even more delicious!
Conquered my fear and ate the BLACK BURGER of Rodolfo's Cafe
Read more about HERE in my latest DRC post.

DRC also serves other pasta like: Tuna Carbonara, Rodolfo's Pasta (DRC's signature pasta) and Burnt Butter. For the fraps, DRC serves fruit based and coffee based. Iced tea and hot cappuccino is also available. Budget for this cafe would cost around P100 to P200 per person depending on the pairings you will do. 
The Fraps are in mason jars, but not just a mason jar, it's actually bigger than the usual. So serving size is good.
Photo by @kimpahati
Conquered my fear and ate the BLACK BURGER of Rodolfo's Cafe
Read more about HERE in my latest DRC post.

Cheese Sticks are not really sticks like the ones wrapped in lumpia wrapper. These are for the win!
Photo by @kimpahati

And of course a cup of coffee will not be complete. Rodolfo's Cafe also serve hot coffee. 

Don Rodolfo's Cafe
M.T. Villanueva Avenue Former Liboton Street
Naga City
Facebook Page: Rodolfo's Cafe
Instagram: @rodolfoscafe
Contact No.: 0999 994 4042


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