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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

NcD4Lg in the #40daysofGreatness for LG G4

Big or small, greatness comes from anything that we see and feel around us. I am just so happy that I was able to finish the #40daysofGreatness for LG G4 like it was just any day of posting in Instagram. Promoting Naga and the rest of Bicol has been part of my daily routine, it's something that I think I can't live without. To those who double tapped my entries, ❤️ Dios Mabalos po saindo gabos! 

Check out my entries for the 40daysofGreatness, I also used the hashtag #NcD4Lg for easy access to the photos. My photos were a combination of my daily wonders, lifehacks, travels, roadtrips and anything great in between.

Like any other contest, I joined the #40daysdofGreatness because of the prize. LG's flagship phone will help me a lot in covering the live updates of the upcoming Peñafrancia Festival in the Heart of Bicolandia, Naga City this September. I will be needing more space and battery life for the photos and videos that I will be sharing to my almost 20k fans on Facebook, 2k on Instagram and 1k on Twitter. Aside from Naga City Deck on FB, I am also maintaining another page the Ciudad nin Naga: An Maogmang Lugar and Magsaysay Avenue with 13k and 5k fans respectively. All these for the love of Naga and Bicol. I have a day job but blogging about my hometown has been very uplifting on my end even though I am using a screen name. Earning the trust of my fellow Nagueños and Bicolanos online thru my blog www.nagacitydeck.com has been very rewarding. The passion and greatness of my city will surely be more beautiful thru the lens of the new LG G4. I hope I win! I lift everything to God! I hope I am worthy of the new LG G4. 


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