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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Glam Theme Boutique Naga

Naga City - Time and time again, it seems like the glory days of boutique shops in Naga is indeed being glamorous. I can still remember when other boutiques in Naga such as Parklane, Ambershoppe, Annelle's, Esdici (first three are still into business) were the only boutiques that we can find here in our city. Just this year, I have already featured two boutiques both of which are trusted online sellers.

*Update April 2016. Glam Theme Boutique now has an in-house cafe, the Cafe '91. CLICK HERE for the full review. 

Walk to Glam Theme Boutique. Situated at the entertainment and dining strip of Magsaysay Avenue, Glam Theme Boutique opened its doors to Nagueños just right infront of Tapsi Terminal and just last February 2016, Cafe 91 opened as its in-house cafe. Imagine just having your dinner or late afternoon snack along Magsaysay, a perfect way to burn the calories is to walk along Magsaysay and visit this boutique.

Trusted Online Shops. Headed by Bonita Y Elegante along with the following trusted online shops. Variety Shop Love, Phi n Piks, The Basiq Clothing, Mirage by Dannalee, Plethora, Saphira, La Belle Fille Shoppe plus the latest addition to the GTB Naga is Albay Online Shop

Quality and affordability. Most of the items are very affordable that both men and ladies will really appreciate. Even young professionals will be able to find something in this shop, because they offer the rugged, to casual and office-type of clothes (and everything in between). 

I so love this pencil cut skirt from Plethora. Very appropriate for my day job and other casual gatherings.

I though a pleated midi skirt would not look good on me, but when my officemates gave me good complements about it, then I know I was not wrong in choosing it. The skirt is available from Saphira also available in Glam Theme Boutique. 

So there, I have two favorite skirts now added to my cabinet and I must say the quality is really awesome. There you go guys, grab your own tops, skirts, shirts, and whatnots at Glam Theme Boutique Naga and be glamorous as you can be!

Thank you very much Ms. Mutya for the invitation and more power to the Glam Theme Boutique Team!

Glame Theme Boutique by Bonita
DSI Building
Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City
(Infront Tapsi Terminal
Instagram: @glamthemenaga 
Shopping Hours:
Monday- Saturday: 1:00PM - 11:00PM
Sunday - 3:00PM- 11:00PM


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