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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

MySpa Naga City

Naga City - There are so many ways on how one can feel pampered while in this small city. At the second floor of the corner building of MT Villanueva Avenue & Penafrancia Avenue, stands one of the first spas in Naga. We go to spas because basically we want to relax and physical relaxation comes first in order for our minds to achieve total relaxation. 

My Spa is a type of spa that will engage all our 5 senses + 1 to achieve total relaxation. Let me tell you why.

Sight - The warm lights inside My Spa will calm you down. Once you're inside it's as if time has slowed down and you can own the time all you want. 

Smell - The aroma of the scented candles is just light enough to tickle your consciousness. This is always a basic in every spa that you'll find.

Hearing - Soft, classic and nature music to relax your thoughts, because sometimes we have to stay away from songs full of emotional lyrics.

Touch - Ever wonder why a simple hug or tap on your shoulders can lessen our burdens? In our hands lies the great power to do work and at the same time to help us ease away stress, anxiety and pain if and only if you know how and where to apply those "magic touch". Since not all us are equipped to do this, we go to spas who have expert therapists like in My Spa where they have eight. Eight trained and courteous therapists. My Spa has comfy chairs for your foot spa sessions that will make you feel like to lounge in it the whole day and the beds are just right for your whole body massage

Taste - At the end of your spa session, you will be offered a hot chocolate (tablea) or tea. This will complete your spa experience.  

The 6th sense would be your consciousness to maintain that relaxation you just received from My Spa. As you go on with your personal lives, your body is now energized to do your daily routine. 

Comfy chairs for the foot spa

Foot Spa
Fellow Bicol Bloggers just about to start the Foot Spa session

The bed for massages with curtains for your privacy. Under the bed is a box for your things. 
The 2nd day of the #SSSstaycation was the Naga X Challenge, bloggers were divided into two teams and were tasked to go to different spots in the city. After an hour of roaming around via the Taxicles, the bloggers were treated to My Spa. Bicol Blogger Mommy Sam's experience with the body scrub with dead sea salt of My Spa described it as "Best body scrub ever!", you have to read about her experience HEREDidi of Frances and Flair availed the combination of full body massage and she said "I absolutely love my massage session. All my stress points were loosened up and I really felt like a fully charged person after the session". Read more about her experience HERE.

The following are the services being offered by My Spa:
Body Scrub (80mins) - P600
My Happy Feet (80mins) - P400
Foot Spa (80mins) - P250
Express Massage (30mins) - P175
Aromatherapy (60mins / 90mins) - P450 / P600
Swedish Massage (60mins / 90mins) - P350 / P520
Combination (60mins / 90mins) - P350 / P520
Dry / Shiatsu (60mins / 90mins) - P350 / P520
*Prices are subject to change without prior notice

They also have a sauna.
Sauna and shower rooms

Bicol Bloggers
Welcome to MySpa!

MySpa Contact Numbers
(054) 4737828 and +639984333251
Spa Hours:
Weekdays: 11:00 am to 10:00 pm
Weekends: 1:00 pm to 11:00 pm


  1. I just found out about this and regret not knowing sooner! Sounds amazing keep up the good work! More hints