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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

NcDEcoBlog: Adopt-Linis Estero Program

Pili, Camarines Sur - February 28, 2015, second Activity of the Adopt-Linis Estero Program spearheaded by the Central Bicol State University of Agriculture-University Environmental Management Office (CBSUA-UEMO), CBSUA-League of Ecologist (LOE), Barangay Local Government Unit of San Jose, Pili and the 51st Engineering Brigade of the Philippine Army along CBSUA and Camp Weenee Martillana, Pili, Camarines Sur.

Let us take you back to where it all started.

A Memorandum of Agreement between the Environmental Management Bureau V (EMB) and the Central Bicol State University of Agriculture (CBSUA) was signed last April 22, 2014 and aims to rehabilitate/clean the CBSUA-Martillana Estero, prevent waterborne diseases, improve the living condition of estero communities and improve the quality of the flowing water and also a collaborative endeavor of the Philippine Army, BLGU San Jose, and the estero community.

Sampling of estero water is done quarterly a week after clean up whereas the CBSUA is in charge of the collection and analysis by the EMB. The submission of report is on the 12th day of the following quarter.

The first estero clean up was done last November 29, 2014 participated by 125 stakeholders consisting of LOE members, the community and the Philippine Army. ~ By Kookai Sabareza

An Opening Program was initiated by CBSUA-UEMO Joyce V. de la Trinidad to give an overview of the program.

The group was divided into four; Headquarters and the Alpha Company together with some LOE members were designated in front of the camp where the adopted creek starts.

 Vetiver Grass (Vetiveria zizanoides) were planted alongside the bank for slope stabilization and as well as pollution control.

Bravo and Charlie company were designated along the estero community which has a 500 meter stretch.

All rights reserved. Please do not use or copy the photo without the author's permission.

Three hours later and you can see the big difference.

All rights reserved. Please do not use or copy the photo without the author's permission.

Photo Credits to Phil. Army

A total of 39 bags of wastes were collected during the 3 hour activity.

The group after the clean up activity.

The people behind the success of this activity: (from left to right) Gloria Q. Camposano, Ph. D., UEMO Joyce V. de la Trinidad,  Sir Lecaros of the Phil. Army, Brgy. Captain Eunice Eleda, and Brgy. Kgwd. Ferdinand Alamo.

Photo Credits to Phil. Army


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