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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy Finds in Naga: Ice Cream sa Arana

Hello again for our #HappyFindsInNaga! Sabi ninda ang kaogmahan dai nababakal, pero ang ice cream nababakal, halos parehas naman sana iyan. Da best ang Dizon's ice cream dyan sa Arana! Kung dai ka pa nakakamit ice cream ninda, ay maluya! Sa halagang 9 pesos, maogma ka na!

This is one local favorite that not everybody knows about, especially the young generations of today. 

Dizon's ice cream are sold in cups and in gallons or in ice cream containers for big events and gatherings. 
Only Php 9.00 each!
Location: Arana Street
The store is actually an apartment type along the road (Ice cream icon on the photo not the pin) 
sa tapat po niya may mga bilyaran. 


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