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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Starbucks 2014 Planner

I received a message yesterday (Feb. 11, 2014) from Starbucks that the planner was now available at the store. Fearing that it's a first come first serve basis, I immediately went to the store and claimed my planner. Delay of redemption was because of the overwhelming response from loyal customers. Since we had to wait for a while, Starbucks gave us as a complimentary drink of any size and any kind. Not bad I suppose, the scheme worked to pacify the waiting customers like me. True to their words, the planner came 6 days earlier than the announced day of delivery.  

I had to use my 2013 planner just to take note of my office transactions for the month of January and first week of February. The only advantage that we had is that all the colors of the planner were available, miniemaynimo!!! 

To compare the 2014 and last year's, the box and the planner itself is almost of the same texture and kind. I really love the smell of new books/planners.

The 2014's pages is lesser than that of last year. Notes portion were reduced to more than half from last year's, at the bottom of the page. The planner is line free so you can scribble all the way you want. But then again I won't complain much because it's still more spacious than the planner last 2012. 
Stickers were at a minimal last year and bountiful this time. These stickers will represent your coffee experience, on the side note the whole beans I guess? I'll figure it out anyway. I think last year was more of a reflective side of a person while this year is more of a coffee experience planner. haha

I only started collecting 2011 because Starbucks Naga was established 2010. Remember the 2012 planner with a lot of errors? Haha. On the last page of the planner is where you can input your brief profile and contact details. Also, links to social networks are in QR codes. 

The Evolution of Starbucks Planner 2011-2014

2012 Planner was obviously an "others" in the group
'Till next year!!


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