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Friday, February 21, 2014

LGU Naga Joins Panagbenga's Session Road in Bloom 2014

Panagbenga 2014 
Video Source: Via Youtube.com Courtesy of Sun Star Baguio - http://baguio.sunstar.com.ph/panagbenga/

February 22 - Street Dancing Parade
February 23 - Grand Flower Float Parade
February 25 - March 2 Session Road in Bloom

Wondering why Panagbenga is here on NCD? I lived in Baguio for 4 years and it's been a while since my last visit. Missing my college friends! Proud Louisian here!

Naga City's Grow Negosyo and Naga City Grow Trade and Crafts Association is at the "Session Road in Bloom" of the Panagbenga Festival 2014 in Baguio City. I'm so happy to see LGU-Naga showcasing our products to big festivals such as the Panagbenga.

I'm missing Baguio big time! Not only that I get to tell my relatives and college friends to get their Pili cravings at the fair but also because Baguio is next to my heart after Naga. Session in Bloom is actually what we look forward every year when I was in Baguio. Well of course yes the huge floats made up of flowers but it's really the bonding that I had with my friends. Food trip to the nth level for a week at Session Road in Bloom and sometimes we just stroll up and down just looking at the trade fair without buying anything haha. Third weekend of February in Baguio is overly populated, as in sobra! Come to think of it, who would have thought that a mountain can hold enough cars and millions of people in two days. Traffic is really annoying and the only option that you can do is walk.

Shawarma, binatog, sweet corn with a dash of salt and butter, ice cream in the cold night, bbq, footlong, burger, chocolates, cupcakes, sweets and whatsoever.. name it and it's all available during the Session Road in bloom. During regular days, the usual treats in Baguio are sweet corn, mango in strips, binatog, strawberry taho, bananacue, camote cue, binatog, and that green sour fruit with vinegar which I forgot what it's called.

Thanks for the photos Nomar Nonato! You made me nostalgic about my college life again. Happy Panagebenga Festival everyone!


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