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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Happy Finds in Naga: Putong Bagas

Naguenos know how to live life the simplest way possible. While most travel bloggers go on a food run to other cities or provinces, how much have we featured about our own city/town? The question is how much do we know about Naga and the available "Simple and Happy Finds" right here in the Heart of Bicol?

We will start a series where we will be featuring simple pleasures and treasures that Naguenos can find in our city. Kinalas might be the number one comfort food of Naguenos but we now try to look for other stuffs that maybe some of us haven't discovered yet. It's not too late my fellow Naguenos, even I have the feeling that there's still a lot more to try and discover. Naga original or not as long as it's a happy find, then we're game on it.

We wish to feature anything that we can find, it can be food, place, activity and so on as long as it gives us that feeling of satisfaction that would not cost us our whole savings.

First in our list is the "Putong Bagas (Bigas)" or "Rice Puto" in other places. This is made from "giniling na bagas" with "bukayo" filling. The white one is the "giniling na bigas" placed in a small coconut shell which makes it form like a half moon. Bukayo is a common dessert for Filipinos made from young coconut shreds simmered and cooked in brown sugar.

Price: Php 10 per pack (As of February 2013) with 1 whole and a half puto. Before it was Php 12 pesos per pack but with 2 whole putos. 

Where can you buy? 
As early as 6 AM you can buy outside San Francisco Church kay Manang na naka kariton. Sometimes there's also one   vendor along J. Hernandez Avenue near Master Square in the afternoon around 3 PM.

So there, you can have the puto with coffee or hot chocolate in less than 20 pesos. Solve! 

'Till our next "Happy Finds in Naga"


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