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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Gong Xi Fa Cai Na Ya Sher!

Happy New Year Naga City!

With God's grace and blessing, I would like to thank GM Allan Cu for the very thoughtful  Chinese New Year gift. Words are not enough to thank Avenue Plaza Hotel 
especially the Marketing Department for all the support to our blog. I really appreciate it and I was able to feel all the good vibes for this New Year. It is without a doubt that the Avenue let's us celebrate and experience the good life. 

Last January 30, Saint Joseph School students performed the traditional Dragon and Lion Dance at the front of Avenue Square. After which, they also performed cultural dances at the Al Fresco. 

Every year, we can see how the Chinese community share their culture to each and every Nagueno. It is known that many of our business establishments here in Naga are owned by Chinese and they play a big role in the economic growth of the city. What makes the Chinese, as warmhearted as other Naguenos? It is when they never cease helping not only fellow Chinese but ordinary and full blooded Naguenos and Bicolanos. One evidence of the altruistic gesture of the Chinese here in Naga are the fire volunteers (Naga White and Chin Po Tong) and they make our community a safer place to live in. They help protect not only Naga but also neighboring towns and for that we truly appreciate them. Happy New Year to all especially to the Chinese community in Naga! God bless you more!


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