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Friday, January 18, 2013

Pasasalamat sa mga Manghahabing Bayani

Pasasalamat sa mga Manghahabing Bayani and the Re-Launching of Mr. Kengkoy Backpacks 
Avenue Convention Center
January 5, 2012

Hello 2013! What a very nice way to start NCD's year by attending Mr. Kengkoy's Pasasalamat. There is nothing more inspiring than being around with people who are passionate in what they do.

The whole program was full of gratitude and love.

The Ateneo Dance Club

The Nanays (Nanay Rochelle and Nanay Lumen) and Tatay (Tatay Allan) 
with the Mr. Kengkoy Team (I hope I got the names right)

"Social entrepreneurship is social change" 
Mr. Carlo Buenaflor, General Manager of Bigg's Diner
on his Keynote Speech

Ms. Maj Villar

Awardees for ARTS and CULTURE
Kristian Cordero
David Guison
Noreen Bautista

Hearing a poet read his own poem is like no other. Bicol is really fortunate to have someone like KC and many other Bicolano poet and writers who uses our very own dialect. KC read one of his poems entitled "Pagturog" after receiving his award.

"Be local and vocal" straight to the point words from a very young fashion blogger David Guison. Bravo to you David, for challenging the youth in patronizing Pinoy brands with taste and style. 

Noreen Bautista has more or less the same humble beginnings like that of Mr. Kengkoy. Passion to help and fashion to share. The ladies' bag of Noreen are very elegant and made out of water hyacinth. 

Awardees for LEADERSHIP
Joseph Anthony Quesada
Primitivo E. Viray Jr. SJ.
Gregorio Ramon Tiongson

Anna Oposa
Japoy Lizardo
Sabrina Ongkiko

Wouldn't it be nice if Filipino athletes will be using sport apparels that are proudly made in the Philippines? Well Japoy Lizardo will be able to showcase a Pinoy brand particularly Mr. Kengkoy's backpack whenever he will be out of the country for his tournaments. 

"Lubos, ubos, buhos para sa mga estudyante" Sabrina Ongkiko chose to become a public school teacher. Her drive just comes from within to teach children with all her might and heart. 

Atty. Leni Robredo also gave her Solidarity Message. "Social entrepreneurship is the answer. The key is for private individuals to start to reach out first. Women from communities are waiting to be tapped. Tulungan natin sila to become independent, help them stand on their own rather than just give them things to be consumed for a few days."
Raffy Magno on his closing remarks.
"Nabuo ang Mr. Kengkoy dahil sa pagtataya sa mga pangarap ng mga Bicolano. Kaming mga kabataan ay moderno pero Pinoy parin sa isip at gawa. Patuloy sana kayong magtiwala sa mga kabataan"- Raffy Magno.

The brand ambassadors of Mr. Kengkoy

Mr. Kengkoy Team and volunteers
I'm glad to have met Raffy and Arnel personally after being Twitter friends for quite some time. Cheers!

Teacher Sabrina, trying out the kanaga.


Mr. Kengkoy made a distinction in the youth of today. May they inspire more and more young professionals and students to venture into social entrepreneurship. 

Mr. Kengkoy backpacks  are not just bags, it is like what the Pinoy line says "dugo at pawis ang puhunan". Seeing the team passionate, the Nanays and Tatays given hope, just made the bag a whole lot different and substantial. 

Staying in Bicol to serve our fellow Bicolanos is a very noble decision for the Mr. Kengkoy Team. More power to you guys and thank you for the invitation! 'Til next time!

To know more about Mr. Kengkoy backpacks please visit http://www.mrkengkoy.ph/
Don't forget to like them on Facebook CLICK EHRE


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