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Monday, January 7, 2013

Dinamita at Rj Cole Restaurant

Ever tasted something chilly that explodes in your mouth like that of a dynamite? Well, there's a restaurant here in Naga that will take eating pepper the easier way. Although this is quite known to Filipinos, eating sili in Bicol is really part of our culture. While siling labuyo will take a lot of courage to eat, DINAMITA will be much much more tolerable than that. Many of you might not like 'sili' that much, but most Bicolanos do. Now what is a DINAMITA and why is called DINAMITA?

According to RJ Cole Restaurants video on youtube... "sasabog ka sa sarap". Watch the short video clilp.

Dinamita is like Lumpia, but the pepper makes it more aromatic. Other recipes you can find online make use of lumpia wrapper, but in RJ Cole Restaurant, they use a special coating that makes their dinamita easier to bite. A literal dynamite explodes at the end, the chilliness of DINAMITA explodes towards the end part. The first few bites is fun, but more fun in the end. As what I've said, the chilliness is tolerable, meaning it's still mild and will let you eat more.

At RJ Cole Restaurant, one serving costs Ph 99.00 with 10 dinamitas and a creamy sauce. It took a while when I ordered one serving, I just hope next time it would be faster though, but it's worth the wait.

RJCOLE RESTAURANT is located at Elias Angeles Street naga city beside Vildaz Tailoring, towards the end of Alinood Pawnshop to be specific.


So there, why not order a dinamita, you'll explode sa yummyness (Sabi ni aiza) hahaha


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