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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bar @ 20

Panganiban Drive, Naga City
Contact Nos. (054) 472 4389/ 0917 3840907
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After having dinner at Daddy's Grill, off we went to look for another establishment just to continue our celebration and get together. We decided to try Bar@20 since most of us haven't tried the place yet. I'm not really a party person but I do know how to adjust in a party place and I don't mind the loud music and bright lights, just don't let me dance or even sing.

The Location: Panganiban Drive Naga City, near the former Panganibar.

Budget: Php 150.00 consumable entrance fee. Please consider the rate to be a little bit lower or higher because I really do not know if it's the right one, apologies for that. My friend paid for everything and I hardly noticed how much was spent that night.

The Place: I think Bar@20 opened last quarter of last year if I'm not mistaken.The facade has grills on it with the center as their main entrance. What I like about this place is that they have a separate area for smokers and non-smokers. Once you enter the establishment, the area is already for the smokers. They are quite isolated from the entertainment inside the air-conditioned room with 2 floors which is so comfortable for people like me. But smokers will still be able to hear the music and see what's going on from the outside and of course, they can smoke anytime they want.

The fixtures are very comfortable and it gives you a classy ambiance. The lights are great as well as the sound system. If you are on the second floor, try sitting near the center so that you can see what's going on downstairs. But if you opt to stay on the sides, just find a corner where it will suit you best. We first found empty seats just right for us on the second floor that's why I was able to take a photo, viewing down. Then we transferred on the first floor after a few minutes because we wanted to see the band singing. At least I was able to see the whole place.

View from the 2nd floor
Entertainment wise, they both have live bands and dancers to pump up the groove. 

The bar on the left side (ground floor)

I was surpirsed during that Saturday, during in between breaks of the live bands, the songs that they were playing are from our age group, I was able to hear songs from the 90's and songs from early 2000. "House" type of music is really a plus point to my ears. Perhaps they have different genres of music depending on their schedule or theme for the day and of course to cater different age groups.

The stage in front can be seen in this photo as well as the second floor. 

Okay, so considering there's an entrance fee, I just hope the management should be able to maintain the comfort room's cleanliness. Although it is expected to see unsightful views, but the entrance fee should make it the whole difference as compared to those open bars and establishments who can order a minimum of even one beer or lavishly spend on bucketful of beers and liquors. 

grabbed from Bar@20 facebook page.

Overall experience? Out of 5 stars, it's a 4. Why? I still have a lot to consider especially the food, which I lack the knowledge since we ordered a few that night. If you are considering the crowd of Bar@20, I noticed that most are young professionals, less college or even high school students, well of course how can you identify them at the peak of the night when it's dark. 

So there, why don't you give it a try. Remember every experience of a customer will always differ, same place but different experiences, same place but different tastes. 

Enjoy partying at Bar@20 and feel like 20!! 


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