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Sunday, January 27, 2013

NuecaPOS RS App Launching

NuecaPOS RS Launching
Avenue Convention Center
January 19, 2013

I got invited for the launching of a new App which was proudly made by the same team behind iTyphoon. We Naguenos should be proud because we have these kinds of major breakthrough of technology in Naga and proudly made in Naga.

nuecaPOS RS (Restaurant Edition) is a FREE app for individuals and businesses with premium imonggo accounts who want to use Apple iPhone or iPod Touch as mobile point-of-sale (POS) device. Menu, prices, taxes, and settings are managed via the imonggo web POS interface. Learn how to sign-up for a FREE account at www.nueca.net

Monitoring the cash flow of you establishment at the tip of your fingertips now made easy by the NuecaPOS RS. Isn't it amazing?! As business proprietors, you can go anywhere you want to but still get in touch with your business. 

Nueva Caceres Technology Solutions Inc. is headed by Magno Ediberto Conag III. 

Mr. Conag gave a fast review of the success of the first App made by Nueca Inc. which is the ever famous iTyphoon. Most downloads are from the United States. Also a very noteworthy feature is that most of the downloads are people who uses ios/Apple devices. See, most Filipinos can afford an Apple. 

iTyphoon is a mobile application that provides typhoon updates to Filipinos and the world, FREE! iTyphoon is available in 5 platforms: Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows Phone, Nokia Series 40, and Nokia Qt. 
Of course, iTyphoon is the app, but the man behind the updates is Mr. Typhoon of Naga himself, Mr. David Michael Padua. Great minds creating great feats and this just makes us Naguenos very proud. 

It was announced during the launching that 3 more versions of the NuecaPOS will be released sooner or later to cater the different areas of businesses such as distribution sales, retail business and the like. 

Sample screen shots of the NuecaPOS RS

The NueCa Team.
Ronnie Amata, Denmark Meralpis, Rhymart Manchus, Allan Macatingrao and  Magno Edilberto Conag III and also the ever supportive wife of Mr. Conag.

Now who would have thought that we have App developers in Naga who can be at par with those who are working in Manila or even in other countries. All I can say is that, everything is just so brilliant and heartwarming that this is happening right here in Maogmang Lugar. Kudos to the NueCa Team. More power to you guys!

Just like during Mr. Kengkoy's Pasasalamat last January 5...
Cheers! For Naguenos who chose to stay and work in Naga!


To download and to know more about iTyphoon and NuecaPOS RS just visit http://www.nueca.net/

Nueva Caceres Technology Solutions, Inc.
Email: solutions@nueca.net
Mobile: (+63) 917.819.4292

Manila Office:
2202-C East Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Center
Exchange Road, Ortigas Center
Pasig City, Philippines 1605
Phone: (+63.2) 687.4412
Fax: (+63.2) 687.9059

Research and Development Center:
Naga City Creative Media Center
Ground Floor, Raul S. Roco Bldg.,
Brgy. Concepcion Pequeña
Naga City, Philippines 4400
Office: (+63) 205.0013


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