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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Two Extreme Worlds in One Day

A night before November 14 which happens to be the last day of the PCCL Games and the interment of a colleague, we had a special session with my GC and PCO Family. That special session was for my colleague who is peacefully resting in the arms of God right now. All of us shared our memories about her and almost a lot of them stayed over for her last night. I went home at around 1:30 am and still managed to get a few hours of sleep. I woke up at 6:30 to prepare for the burial of my colleague scheduled at 9:00 am.

It was a very heavy morning and everybody was releasing their negative energies - grief. As one of her colleagues in the College Guidance Center, I can say that we really felt like we were sudde
nly abandoned by a very important person in our lives -she was a mother to us. Adjustment will take time and healing will be difficult, but substantial enough to start anew. Ma'am Gaile will Forever be in our Hearts.

At around 12:30 noon time we went back to the university for other important duties. I was really starving but my mind just can't take it to eat - walang gana. I was tired from crying, my eyes were so heavy, talagang puyat. I was really disoriented where to go next and I didn't even meet my students enrolled in Practicum scheduled from 1:00 to 4:00. Where did I go? I brought the car for a little bath. Looking at the car get wet, shampooed, washed, wiped and vacuumed, it felt like I was able to clean myself even though literally it wasn't me who got washed. Seeing the car fresh and clean made me refreshed, doing away with the negative energies that I gained from my morning activity. While watching the car, I decided to buy something for my stomach, guess what, all I had was pineapple juice. I know I should have taken something heavier. But again, I wasn't motivated to eat. It was around 1:30 when I drove back to school because I decided to watch the last 2 games of the PCCL Zonal Elimination.

Here's the catch, I guess I really needed cleansing and all that from all the heavy emotions for the past 2 weeks.. IT RAINED!!! Ok, sayang kang pag pa car wash ko. Pero ok lng, the car really needed a wash especially the tires. It's important to have the car washed thoroughly even though it's raining so that the heavy dirt won't stick to the paint permanently.

Hey, I grabbed a good seat on the court and I was ready to watch the last 2 games. Before the start of the game, I said to myself "baka tamaan ako bola dgdi, pero ok lng ok man ang view kc closer. hehe". Good thing Debbie was also alone and we sat beside together during the game. To see the pictures during the game CLICK HERE.

A very unforgettable moment happened to me during the DLSU vs UNC game. Lucky me hit by a ball and so I really did. :) Everybody thought it was the woman beside me on my right who got hit by a ball, but #5 (or was it #15?) knew it was me that's why he approached and asked if I was okay, of course I said yes I'm okay. haha. Nakalog lng naman ung utak ko pero thank God I was wearing a cap. The ball didn't directly hit my head, it was the edge of the cap on the front that got hit, so vibrations nlng tlga ung na absorb ko. What an experience!!!

The Green Archers won and earned a slot for the Sweet 16. I had fun watching the DLSU and UNC game because it was a clean fight. Too bad UNC didn't win anything, they still need lots and lots of training and hard work per se. Lucky them that they got to play with the archers, it's the only thing that their batch can be proud of. Every lady, girl, woman in the gymnasium was surely amazed with the Green Archers. It's a girl thing. It was Webb's birthday that it caused them a cake fight. It was really good seeing them enjoying their stay here in Naga City. I bet they got shocked how the people of Naga treated them like they were movie stars. The archers got cornered on the court, fans were asking for their autographs and photographs with them. I hope they didn't get offended with some who were quite demanding on what to ask from them, I think the young ladies were just overwhelmed seeing them close and face to face. It was a rare event that I also became different in one way or another. Special mention to the people of IMC, kasi kinaladkad tlga kami para magpapicture with the some of the players. I have never done such thing in my entire existence. First time and in front of students oh my gawed at sobrang hagard na ako that time. Pero thank you parin kc it was a great experience indeed.

I started the day in sober, I lack sleep I was like in zombieland, I felt that I needed to get refreshed, I got hungry. What more could I ask for? I had the car for a wash but it rained. I got hit by a ball but I took it positively. It was an early wake up call that hey I have to continue with our my life especially in our office. I did something for the first time that I didn't imagine myself doing. It was a different kind of day. I got washed, I had fun, I got knocked and most importantly I survived, ready for a new day ahead. No matter how different a day may be, differently sad and differently happy... all that matters is I am able to cope. I experienced two extreme worlds in just one day. Pure sadness and pure happiness.


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