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Sunday, November 1, 2009

More and More Taxi in Naga

Are Bicolanos specifically Nagueños near to hugging the highly urbanized means of transportation? From the trial run of the few taxi units in Naga during the last week of May 2009, we can rarely see units occupied with passengers. You'll have to wait for around 30 minutes or even an hour to see a taxi on the road considering that you are in the downtown area of Naga. Just right after the Peñafrancia Festival, the number of taxis in Naga has dramatically increased in number. Before, we have observed that there's only one operator (HRMM) with the yellow plate but for the past few weeks there were additional lines already. A lot of those additional taxi units doesn't have plates yet which means that they are new investments. Yes this is a good news, but this can also mean demand for increasing "willing taxi passengers" aka those who can afford and this can also mean challenge for those who are of the old scheme of transportation. Enjoy your taxi ride!


For Taxi inquiries you can call 0929-598-8786 
Source of Contact No. http://sandtonchalet.blogspot.com/ 


Mushiro Taxi Online
Mushiro Transport Services in Naga City offers transport service within Bicol Region. Just contact us @ (054) 473-77-97 or 0920-9180097. You can also email us through mushirotravelandtours@yahoo.com for inquiries and reservations online


  1. Mushiro Taxi in Naga
    Mushiro Taxi online offers transport service within Bicol Region. Just call us at (054)473-77-97 or 0920-9180097. You can also email us at mushirotravelandtours@yahoo.com for inquiries and online registration.

    Mushiro Transport Service is owned and managed by Mr. Joel A. Chavez.