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Monday, September 28, 2009

Music for a Cause: Bicol's Help to Ondoy Victims

I was headed towards home at around 8:30 earlier tonight (September 28, 2009) when I heard a band playing from the stage of the Plaza Quezon. I know for sure that it wasn't Oktoberfest yet and the place was not that crowded. I came from Elias Angeles Street and waiting for my left turn going to Panganiban when I turned my head to see what was going on. Then I saw the sign at the center of the stage as the back draft which states "Hindi Kayo Nag Iisa, Tabang Kang Bicol" along with loads and loads of relief goods in sacks and plastic bags up on the stage. I pulled over, turned on my hazard lights and tried to take a photo even though I was a bit far. This is a must-blog to show that the people of Naga knows how to repay what Metro Manila and other provinces had also done for the city and the whole Bicol in particular. Yes we are far and though we are not celebrities to answer phone calls of people who likes to give pledges and even if we do not have commercial endorsements to give them a ring just to ask for some donations, those who cannot simply give can always give their best donation, prayers.

I got this link from my group in Facebook from my co-louisians. A photo-vid presentation by Bernie Floresca. It was nicely done and it was heart pounding. Check it out.

Videos Description: September 26, 2009. Philippine storm leaves 106 dead and missing. Ketsana (Ondoy) dumped more than a month's worth of rain in just 12 hours on metropolitan Manila and 25 provinces. Please help!

(800) 435 7669, www.RedCross.org,

text RED(space)AMOUNT to
2899 (Globe) 4483 (Smart)


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