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Sunday, September 6, 2009

City Preparations for Peñafrancia Fiesta 2009

What are the mostly seen city preparations for the Penafrancia Festival? The obvious ones are flaglets, billboards, signages, announcements and the like right? Due to the 300 years of devotion to Ina next year, there are some changes on how the people of Naga and the whole Bicolandia will celebrate the fiesta. It's few but it's dramatic, in a sense that there's a shift of focus.

First of all, no civic activities during the novenary period. Did you notice that there are few announcements about the non-religious activities on the television or radio or any other type of media? Some of the contests, pageants and other activities were scheduled even late August and during the 1st week of September and some during the second week. Secondly, Catholic schools will not join the Military Parade, special mention ADNU, who is one of the top competing schools every year. I bet a lot of students from Catholic Schools are clamoring about the decision of BACS. This will be something new, I guess no more shouting of "ateneo" during the announcement of winners.

Years back, if you are from the southern part of Naga, flaglets can be seen all the way from Concepcion Grande, Pequena, Panganiban up to the downtown area.. but now? Only the downtown area can be seen with flaglets around and it's not even full enough to give you a shade not unlike before. Isn't it still early for city engineers' office with the sponsors to add some color on the road?
Oh, here's another one, because of the road divider (I really don't know how it is called) in Panganiban there are no flaglets. Blame it on SM my dear friends nyahaha. But of course you cannot blame the mall, blame it on the hard headed drivers. If only Filipino drivers are disciplined enough, there's no need for such things on the road. Month of May until August, the city government used the warning devices from MNWD connected by ropes which says Deep Excavation. At least now all you can see our poles connected to each other. Sad to say you can still see undisciplined drivers making their U-Turn on the NO U-Turn area and at the Pedestrian Lane whenever there are no traffic enforcers around.

So far those are few of the preparations for the fiesta that I have seen on the road. Can you share some?

Last year's theme was "Renewing our Faith Through Ina" and now "Sharing the Future in Hope". One important question is, was your faith renewed from Sept 08 to Sept 09 for you to share the future in hope and lastly for you to celebrate the 300 years of devotion on Sept 2010? Tough question right? Faith indeed can be renewed over time, yesterday, today, now, and tomorrow, but not a hundred percent renewal just right after a snap of your finger. This preparation for the 300 years of devotion brought to us by the Archiocese of Caceres is just their means for us to be reminded to be closer to our Creator. To end this entry, allow them to do their thing and manage yourself to sink in what you like to sink in your system.


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