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Monday, September 28, 2009

KFC Naga Under Renovation?

With Innaga's blog entry some time this month entitled One Down, we really can't think about KFC Closing down despite its good location. A sign on the door says it's under renovation, but after some time dismantling all those old building parts (as shown in the picture), today you can see vendors of DVD just outside the KFC Building which was also previously a parking space.
If it's only under renovation that can take for a few weeks or even a month why would a DVD vendor give a lot effort putting up his space to sell his pirated DVD's with the fact that it can be dangerous with falling debris from the top? Another signage which really confuses people is the one that says "KFC SM City Naga Now Open". It's a good spot and location but were they really affected with SM's appearance in Naga? OR is it really under renovation? Well, we go for the latter. KFC fans who are in the downtown area will really have to spend Php 14.00 just to eat at KFC SM. Who would agree if Red Ribbon (Centro) is much more in danger of closing rather than KFC Centro? Just look around, there are very few cake displays in Red Ribbon if you visit them and you will not have to fight for a seat because there's plenty of them for you.

If one is closed for now, the neighboring fast food chains will be glad with open arms to accommodate chicken lovers with their own version but not with the same unique taste of the original gravy of KFC. No original KFC chicken and spicy one in the downtown area but with a few foot steps you can still say hello to Chicken Joy, McDo's Crispy Chicken, Biggs' Cajun or Greenwhich's version as well.


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