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Sunday, September 6, 2009

grinArt Studio, Nagueños at their Best

grinArt Studio

Looking for event photographers in Weddings, Debuts, Christenings, Birthday Celebrations and other important memories to be kept in prints but for a very affordable rate? Don't go too far as Manila just to look for people who can keep you delighted with quality and unique taste of concept and style in photography. Based in Naga, but they "customize event packages to suit your needs and budget", wherever you are, grinArt can be there. They are still Naga's worth every-penny-studio, so contact them now and let your happily-ever-afters start with grinArt.

Meet the boys of grinArt ...

"we are fun-loving, never-stop-learning, we-think-art-is-what-we-do bunch who are equally passionate about one thing, creative photography. We specialize in weddings and events photography. To sum it up, we’ll shoot anything under the sun, or the moon if you will… just a sprinkle of fun and we’ll show you what color is grin. *wink *wink"

people behind:
mark&trel – the couple who started it all.
kenneth – a brother to all.
jonathan – our bebe, always busy.
rael – always in the courtroom, shhh viktoria’s that is.
ij – what’s your name again? gerald?

Contact Details:
On Earth :: Door #3 2/F Rael’s JP2 Atrium, Bagumbayan Sur, Naga City 4400 Philippines
On Mobile :: +63 918.926.6712
:: +63 921.267.9522
On Email :: info.grinart@gmail.com

Amazingly affordable rates:

Check out their wordpress site for compilation of photos of events.



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