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Thursday, April 30, 2009

What's Inside SM City Naga?

2nd Level Shops/Stores in SM City Naga

  • DermCare
  • David's 4Rever
  • Nails and Prints 
  • The Endolab (The Naga Endocrine Laboratory)
  • Let's Face It
  • LBC
  • Kettle Corn
  • Zagu
  • PC Chain Superstore
  • Octagon
  • Digi Babe
  • The Sun Shop
  • Silicon Valley
  • CD-R King
  • I-Techno Solutions
  • Comm Works
  • P. Aldana Cellphones
  • Angelicom
  • Circuit City
  • Games n Gadgets
  • Game Place
  • Samsung Concept Store
  • Netopia Internet Cafe
  • Beanbag Coffee
  • 4-D Max Rider
  • Book Sale
  • Y.R.Y.S.
  • Mitsubishi Digital
  • Silverworks
  • Geneveive Gozum
  • Aksesoriz
  • X-Quisite
  • Black Pearl
  • Mr. Softy
  • Snowpy Ice Cream
  • Watch Central
  • Time Depot
  • Fruits and Waffles
  • Fruit Box
  • Jimmy Pop
  • Waffle Time
  • J. Emmanuel Pastries
  • Amreach Travel and Tours
  • Enjoy Realty
  • Photoline
  • Fujifilm
  • Gold n Diamond
  • Primadonna
  • Occasions
  • Watch Central
  • RJ Muzic
  • The Big Shop
  • Basilica
  • Sportshouse
  • Tribal Street Wear
  • WOF (World of Fun)
  • Great Image
  • Onesimus 
  • Sanuk 
  • Ace Hardware
  • National Bookstore
  • Kiddies Corner
  • Kadlagan
  • Naga Bingo
  • Globe Telecom
  • Smart Telecom
  • SM Business Center
  • SM Food Court (Geewan, Western Plate, Se├▒or Porky, Aling Lucing Sisig, Ice BlinkER, Casa Moderna, Naga Garden and Shawarmahan)
  • SM Department Store
  • SM Appliance Center
  • SM Cinema 1, 2, 4. SM Cinema 3 in 3D

For shops/stores/stalls on the Ground Floor CLICK HERE
For pictures during the Opening CLICK HERE

So here you go, shots taken yesterday April 29, 2009 at around 6:00pm

(The pictures with a lot of people were taken May 1, 2009)


  1. Hi, I'm trying to find the contact number of Games n gadgets. I am getting my cell phone fixed there and wanted to know if its done since they said after a month and it has been way more than a month. The last time we came back for the phone they said it wasn't fixed yet so i wanted to know if its fixed so we can pick it up. Thanks!

  2. Is there a shop there that sells Original PC games? Emphasis on the word ORIGINAL, not copies, not Pirated games but Real Legit PC games. Please and thank you!

  3. I THINK there are available in one or two shops at the Cyberzone. SM is against piracy, tenants are not allowed to sell pirated softwares, games, etc. :)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Is "Myphone" rio 2 already available?

  6. Black pearl shop near national bookstore has roaches. Just a concern citizen here. I bought one today and guess what theres cockroach in my medium size drink. They told me its because of their sago. Its not an acceptable reason. They have sanitary permit but they are serving roaches. Dont buy at black pearl you might get serve of roaches. Ewwww!!!